Summer Schedule?

(Steven S Hay) #21

Issues: Train few people to pick up slack. Subscriptions to every newspaper must be in Name of DBA, not MATT so the select few can cover for him while he is Summer Mental Healthing. Who else beside Matt has the big picture. How can others know what are the important stories. Think more thinking has to go into this change.

(Chuck finnigan) #22

Hi Matt, thanks for all you’re doing to keep us informed. Please keep it as simple as possible for you to disperse this important info to us. I love how it’s just the facts and not too sensationalized like KOS. Do what you need to do.


(Molly Reese) #23

I don’t have a problem with the proposed summer schedule. The only reason I would want you to keep up the grind is if impeachment proceeding were starting. That’s not likely until after the midterms. So, chill a little!


sounds reasonable to me :+1:

(Matt Kiser) #25

It’s about finding a sustainable, long-term balance – not a summer break.

(Matt Kiser) #26

Yes, this is the setup. I hire Joe to run the podcast and help with the morning update.

(Matt Kiser) #27

Training people who aren’t sufficiently invested takes time and comes with considerable risk. For instance, interns leave after several weeks. My preference is either to slightly ratchet down temporarily or hire one or two people that can be trusted to run the show end-to-end without intervention.


I’d hate to lose the Noteables, I really appreciate the smaller tidbits.
I think your own ability to take some down time depends on the news cycle, just because it’s summer recess for congress doesn’t mean the WH and POTUS aren’t going to keep doing news worth things…
For your own long term sanity, I’d recommend exploring hiring options, maybe turn this into a news co-op with some trusted folk who you can work with and share the overall burden so you can all avoid burnout. That’s something I’d be willing to chip in a little more for.


I totally want you to have some downtime Matt - you utterly deserve it. But the fuckery will no doubt continue throughout the summer and it would be a pity not to capture all of it not least because you are creating an extraordinary historical archive here … but we also understand how hard it is to find a stand-in. Can we have a fundraising drive to finance some proper cover? I would contribute! Whatever happens, we trust you completely - do what you have to do. We can all see what a huge work commitment this project is and are supportive of whatever you need to do.


I agree with the suggestion a few people have made that we could all use a break now and then from the relentlessly depressing news out of Washington. On those occasions that I find myself walking around the house, railing against the heavens for the position we have put ourselves in as a country, I know that I’m reaching saturation level. If it helps you make a better product, go for it, Matt! I salute your commitment to providing this web service.

(Chris) #31

My background is in grassroots nonprofits and community organizing, thus my inclination is to suggestion strengthening your structure. You’re doing a lot for a one-man show, yet clearly there’s a ton of interest and support from people with a lot of skills. Have you thought about forming some sort of advisory committee at least? A small group of people who you trust who can help you make big decisions like this?

(Donna Winslow-Arnove) #32

I’m down for the idea - we all need a break! Thx for all you do!


Grateful for what you do, so find your balance. We are all so dumbfounded by current events that it’s hard not to pay attention anyway. And as a token of my appreciation, you’re welcome to stay at my Airbnb for free next time you are in Portland.

(Joe Brockmeier) #34

I’d volunteer to help contribute, I have a journalism background and an interest in contributing in some way. (Not opposed to being paid, either, but $$$ isn’t my motivation here.)

My preference would be - should volunteers or additional help not pan out - that you actually take a week off entirely. You, of course, are the best judge of your ability to avoid burn-out but I feel like actual time off of several days is desirable.

I’m unlikely to stop contributing, as it’s understood that this is a lean operation and while I do contribute I don’t feel like it gives me the ability to make unreasonable demands. Cheers.

(Sarah Henrich) #35

Same. The WTF summary is how I stay sane while staying informed.

(Sarah Henrich) #36

I’m late to the responding, but I like the idea of the summer version being just the “Today in one sentence” followed by links to the news articles. Like it is currently set up, but without the summary for each headline.

So, I guess the second “headlines-only” version you mentioned. You’ve already got the tool; may as well put it to work. :slight_smile:


I support your need for a lighter summer schedule and agree with all the folks who have mentioned the benefits for us all. Enjoy the summer!

(Ellen) #38

I think your idea is good. You have to preserve your sanity. We had an ugly experience with a Trumpster last night at an outdoor concert who was determined to argue against immigrants etc. I was so mad I was shaking. I asked him to stop 3 times. I finally called him an asshole and escaped to the rest room. What could. Have been a lovely evening tainted by that jerk. The other two people at our table were upset at him too. Take a break.

(Drew Childers) #39

If you’re still interested in someone helping with posting, I’m all ears and willing to help.