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The Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump



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Full List: Where Every House Member Stands on Impeachment

FYI, 218 is a simple majority in this House. The count at this posting is 194 in favor of Impeachment.


Giuliani’s role as instigator, co- conspirator and one who promotes fraudulent cases against those who might stand in their way is getting exposed. We’re getting more and more clues as to how the State Dept. Pompeo and T liked this logic.

Rudolph Giuliani said in an interview that he briefed the president “a couple of times” about Marie Yovanovitch, the envoy to Ukraine, setting her recall in motion.

WASHINGTON — Rudolph W. Giuliani said on Monday that he provided President Trump with detailed information this year about how the United States ambassador to Ukraine was, in Mr. Giuliani’s view, impeding investigations that could benefit Mr. Trump, setting in motion the ambassador’s recall from her post.

In an interview, Mr. Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, described how he passed along to Mr. Trump “a couple of times” accounts about how the ambassador, Marie L. Yovanovitch, had frustrated efforts that could be politically helpful to Mr. Trump. They included investigations involving former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Ukrainians who disseminated documents that damaged Mr. Trump’s 2016 campaign.

The president in turn connected Mr. Giuliani with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who asked for more information, Mr. Giuliani said. Within weeks, Ms. Yovanovitch was recalled as ambassador at the end of April and was told that Mr. Trump had lost trust in her.

The circumstances of Ms. Yovanovitch’s ouster after a smear campaign engineered in part by Mr. Giuliani were documented during testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, where she was a key witness in impeachment proceedings against Mr. Trump. Mr. Giuliani has made no secret of his role in flagging concerns about Ms. Yovanovitch to Mr. Trump.

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I am pretty certain it is not Amb. Marie Yovanovich’s job to give people visas. Rudy is in over his head. Especially after she was slandered and fired.


WATCH: House Rules Committee Debates Articles of Impeachment

The House Rules Committee debated two articles of impeachment - abuse of power and obstruction of Congress - against President Trump.



Christian Berthelsen

December 17, 2019, 9:57 AM PST

Firtash Lawyer Was Source of $1 Million to Parnas, Giuliani Ally

A lawyer for Dmitry Firtash, a Ukrainian oligarch facing U.S. charges, was the source of a $1 million that went to a family account of Lev Parnas, who was working with Rudy Giuliani.

As President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Giuliani teamed up with Parnas to dig up dirt in Ukraine on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his family.

The source of the money, which Parnas’s lawyer has called a loan to his wife, was disclosed in federal court in Manhattan during a bail hearing for Parnas. Prosecutors are seeking to have him jailed, calling him a flight risk.

I don’t understand why the outrage isn’t off the charts over Trump’s lawyer being paid by indicted Ukrainians who are being paid by Russians.

Firtash has received $3 billion in inflated profits from Russia’s Gazprom oil company (ultimately run by Putin). He has also received $11 billion in credit from bankers close to Putin.

From 2014:

Russian government records reviewed for this article reveal for the first time the terms of recent deals between Firtash and Russia’s Gazprom, a giant gas company majority owned by the state.

According to Russian customs documents detailing the trades, Gazprom sold more than 20 billion cubic metres of gas well below market prices to Firtash over the past four years - about four times more than the Russian government has publicly acknowledged. The price Firtash paid was so low, Reuters calculates, that companies he controlled made more than $3 billion on the arrangement.

Over the same time period, other documents show, bankers close to Putin granted Firtash credit lines of up to $11 billion. That credit helped Firtash, who backed pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovich’s successful 2010 bid to become Ukraine’s president, to buy a dominant position in the country’s chemical and fertiliser industry and expand his influence.

CORRECTION: Above, I referred to Parnas and Fruman as “Ukrainians” – I should have referred to them as “U.S. citizens with close ties to Ukraine.” Parnas was born in Ukraine when it was part of the Soviet Union and Fruman was born in Belarus when it was also a region within the Soviet Union. Both immigrated to the U.S. and are now U.S. citizens with extensive connections to Ukraine.


Sometimes I can’t keep the oligarchs straight, luckily @dragonfly9 already provided us with a mini profile. :raised_hands:

This all goes back to Paul Manafort. :ghost:


Money Trail from Putin to Trump Documented

With the disclosure that Russian oligarch and Putin associate Dmitry Firtash paid $1 million to the Parnas family, all of the pieces have fallen into place documenting a clear money trail from Putin to Trump. Here are the steps along that trail, each one documented by a respected news source:

    Russia’s Gazprom Oil (controlled by Putin) provides $3 billion in inflated profits to Firtash. At the same time, Putin’s bankers extend Firtash $11B in credit.

    Firtash sent $1 million to the Parnas family – Parnas tried to hide it from prosecutors.

    Parnas paid $500,000 to Giuliani.

    Giuliani is gifting Trump his services (which are being paid for by Parnas). Trump did not delcare this gift on his financial disclosure forms.

So here’s the money trail in brief:

Putin --> Firtash --> Parnas --> Giuliani --> Trump

I’m not saying this was one continuous, coordinated funneling operation since money changed hands over an extended period, but this does show how cash originally controlled by Putin wound up as a gift to Trump. And that gift (Giuliani’s services) is intended to help re-elect Trump which would greatly benefit Trump’s ally, Putin.


Trump Denounces ‘Partisan Impeachment Crusade’ on Eve of House Vote

12/17/19 READ: Letter from President Trump to Speaker Nancy Pelosi

  • A federal judge on Tuesday rejected prosecutors’ requests that he revoke the $1 million release bond for Lev Parnas, an associate of President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

  • Prosecutors said he failed to disclose a $1 million transfer from a lawyer for Ukraine oligarch Dmytro Firtash, who faces criminal charges in the United States.

  • Parnas is charged with violating U.S. campaign finance laws by allegedly funneling foreign donations to candidates for federal and state offices to win potential influence.

P.S. I’m continuing to post Parnas news in the Impeachment thread because of his entanglements with Giuliani and the Ukraine scandals which are central to the Impeachment inquiry.


Wow, So scarey!

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Another story on this:

The letter itself, wherein Trump states there was “more due process was afforded to those accused in the Salem Witch Trials” and “it is time for you… to immediately cease this impeachment fantasy.”

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Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort hospitalized for cardiac event: Sources

Manafort is slated to be released from prison Christmas Day 2024.


Please do. I’m going to add a sub-section to our timeline called Sideshow Rudy. It’s all related and if Giuliani get arrested it’ll be important in regards to the President.


Yes, that letter represents an unfit president.



This whole conversation right here :point_down:

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There is so much that now seems to ok now. I don’t get it. How have we become so apathetic to so much that is so wrong? I’m sure some is news fatigue, but still…


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