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The Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump


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I keep big long threads on most things on Twitter, and post individual articles (and sometimes groups) to several big Facebook locations also. I agree, it’s important to get that info out there and spread.


I would post too but I have no reach on Twitter. Social media was never important to me until all this happened.

This is me.

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I had some with my first account, but after losing it I got recruited by a number of different groups and work with them in many different venues and rooms to help spread info. My big thing is to try to A) document B) connect the dots and C) provide a bit of humor here and there to keep people going.

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Angry men shouting at women is the motto of Trump’s regime.

This is so sad and pathetic of Mike Pompeo. No wonder Trump loves him.

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Lindsey Graham with the infamous “he didn’t KNOW it was wrong” defense.

Twitter users mock Lindsey Graham, who defended Trump by saying, “He did nothing wrong in his mind.”

News on the thing with Marie Yovanovitch:


Cross-posting :raised_hands:

Tomorrow the White House team will try and defend the president’s actions. It should be a weird, frustrating and funny day. :smirk:

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There are rumors it may not. Trump is throwing a tantrum over having to have his defense begin on a Saturday, or “Death Valley on TV” as he calls it.


Release.of the Parnas tape with the ‘Take her out,’ comments here. :boom:


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A Guide to the Case For and Against Removing Trump


Here starts the GOP defense…(and lameness) - all of which will have been previewed by Chairman’s Schiff’s eloqent pre-buttals ending the Dems 24 hour presentation of the 2 articles of impeachment.


Watch: Senate Impeachment Trial, Day 6

The Senate impeachment trial of President Trump continues with opening arguments by the President’s defense team.


The aid that was withheld from Afghanistan, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Lebanon was public knowledge and done through proper channels. The Ukraine aid hold was not, it was kept secret from Congress and the emails from DOD show they were concerned that the hold was about to become illegal. Just FYI.


This argument that subpoenas weren’t valid because they were issued before H.Res. 660 is horseshit. The White House can’t dictate how the House uses their power of impeachment.

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Patrick F. Philbin is the perfect combination of mansplaining and the ghost of Ben Stein’s monotone.

Trump should be glad this is on during “Death Valley on TV”; his micromanagement style of lying and nitpicking is guaranteed to lull even Trump’s most fervent followers to sleep.

They are definitely, amazingly going with “this is all illegitimate and we didn’t get due process or representation” despite ALL of that being debunked. Incredible.


Omg, this the trial and they’re complaining about due process. In a normal trial this is when you get to cross examine witnesses and bring new evidence to your defense. But this isn’t a normal trial is it?

Call the witnesses!! Bring the evidence! Stop stonewalling Congress!

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Not by any measure. But I am finding Philbin increasingly punchable as he drones on. This is the least exciting man on the face of the earth.


You got that right…a legal-sounding Mr. Rogers, but that is giving him waaaaay too much credit.

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Well, looks like Trump gets his ratings. They gave a bare bones effort today so they can push off to Monday.

I am eager to see what the fact checkers make of this. Already we have them pushing the Russian-manufactured “Ukraine attacked us” lie and claiming this is about corruption while Trump is trying to do away with our laws against bribing foreign officials.


Ok adjourned until Monday. This was the “preview” of their defense?

Weird that they’re not denying the facts and are making mostly a process argument from within the greatest deliberative body in the world presided by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Unbelievable.

The idea that this needs to go to lower court before they bring it to trial in the Senate is ludicrous. They know is the trial this is it and that there is no appeal right? When the Senate sits for an impeachment trial they are at the height of their constitutional powers. Certainly a higher opinion than from any appellate court.