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The Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump


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Prime example of this R duplicity…See-No-Evil (and definitely Don’t Act On it)


R’s golden rule - Don’t cross T, or do so at your peril.

Republican hopes of blocking former national security adviser John Bolton’s impeachment testimony highlight the Trump-era GOP’s defining characteristic: its refusal to defy the President under almost any circumstances.
President Donald Trump’s vituperative attacks, regularly trained on critics through his vast social media following, make every Republican politician wary of crossing him. But that represents the lesser factor in the party’s fealty.

More significantly, decades of American political realignment have tightened the bonds holding Republicans together in any high-stakes fight with Democrats. The ongoing diversification of American society further unites an overwhelmingly white GOP around a shared fear of impending doom.

Together, those changes lend weight and rigidity to Republican partisanship that did not exist that last time a GOP chief executive faced impeachment. The modest barrier that once separated Republicans from Democrats has become a dense, multi-layered wall reinforced by ideology, race, education and religion as well as party identification.

That helps explain why so many Republican senators have cast aside consistency, logic and unrebutted evidence to shield their president from impeachment charges. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell aims for a Friday Senate vote in which Republicans would refuse even to hear new testimony about Trump’s culpability before summarily acquitting him.

In the Senate, no Republican has called for the President’s resignation or signaled intent to vote for his conviction. Democrats need support from four of 53 Republicans just to subpoena Bolton’s testimony, which reportedly promises to affirm the Democratic allegations. The combined efforts of McConnell and the White House may block even that.

The decisive vote on Bolton’s testimony may lie with retiring Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, once an aide in Nixon’s White House. His own political emergence a few years after Nixon resigned lends poignancy to his choice against hearing witnesses, which he announced late Thursday night.


Parnas’s lawyer sends letter to McConnell outlining what his testimony would be


CNN’s John Avlon’s take on this Impeachment Hearing.


WTF WTF WTF is Jay Sekulow talking about…Yes, there’s a lot of evidence out there, and there were a lot of interviews.

Sekulow - “We will need to do the work (get witnesses) that they failed to do.”


My npr feed cut out and when it came back I thought for moment this argument was being made by a House Manager. :woman_shrugging:t2: It’s such a bad faith argument.

He complains endlessly about due process but yet refusing exercise said due process, here in the trial.

This is due process! This is the trial!

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I made this just for you:

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Not sure what is going on 5:04p EST, while Senators/McConnell are standing around pre-vote…

Here’s something from CNN

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They rigged the trial and they still screwed THAT up? Wow.


Update: 5:10EST

The delay has to do with a deliberation between the WH and McConnell’s getting this deliberation over with. McConnell wants to delay until early next week. WH wants it done by the weekend.

Per MSNBC, Claire McCaskill (ex Senator/now MSNBC commentator)

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The witness vote is happening NOW.

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49/51, this is not a trial.

It is a dark day for us all.

Claire McCaskill said the delay was that the GOP was texting the White House for what to do.

The criminal is conducting his own trial.


He’s still impeached. :smirk:

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Does anybody know how many of the impeachment hearing witnesses were GOP-called? I am thinking four or five.

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Monday is closing arguments, Wednesday final vote. Trump doesn’t get his way on the timeline.


I think it’s three, Volker, Hale and Morrison.

Read here:

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The weird saga of Alan Dershowitz continues.

We have battling propaganda here.

The Daily Mail claims he quit:

Conservative site Newsmax claims he did not:

The one grain of truth from both? He was not there today and he did go back to Miami. I am guessing either the laughingstock he became or the insane arguments he made got him a one-way ride out of dodge, but honestly there’s no knowing, and neither of these outlets is trustworthy.

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Though the vote will be Wednesday, this is not over. Schumer, as suggested, is putting forth amendments now to force the GOP to vote them down. The Democrats are showing who the GOP is still.

They’re on resolution three now, all put forth by Democrats. So far all have been voted down.

1st Amendment: whole bunch of witnesses. Defeated 53-47.
2nd Amendment: John Bolton. Defeated 51-49.
3rd Amendment: Bolton + Deposition & Testimony. Defeated 51-49.
4th Amendment: To allow the Chief Justice to rule on subpoenas, documents, and assertions of privilege. Defeated 53-47.

The GOP doesn’t like Romney any longer. But they’re fine with Collins. Because Collins’ votes with the Dems were all approved in a desperate effort to give her cover in the upcoming election.