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The Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump



There is so much that now seems to ok now. I don’t get it. How have we become so apathetic to so much that is so wrong? I’m sure some is news fatigue, but still…


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Thank you Justin Amash.


Here is who was with T when he wrote the Pelosi letter.


Let the Impeachment begin!


Historic day. Live stream on C-span 9am ET.

Let the Impeachment of Donald fucking Trump begin

Re: the earlier conversation

Ben Rhodes has the best take on the President’s letter.


Beautifully put. His last phrase struck me as especially sad, “… a signal of how far norms and expectations have moved in politics and media the last three years.” It has been asserted many times that Trump is destroying our democracy day by day; now Rhodes’s insight persuades me that it’s not just our democracy Trump is destroying, it’s our society as well. We appear to be on the brink of losing our standing as a civil society; we are rapidly becoming uncivilized – and Republicans couldn’t care less.

Chris Cizilla at CNN has a knack for dissecting the President’s speeches. Today he responded to the 30 most deranged lines in Trump’s letter. It’s well worth browsing through this – and breathtaking to witness how crazed Trump has become. Just hoping a rational person with the means to resist is positioned between Trump and the nuclear football. I’m serious.



Articles of Impeachment Debate

The House is expected to debate two Articles of Impeachment against President Trump: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Impeachment Livestream :point_down:


15 minute rules vote prior to the debate, thread :point_down:


Factbox: Trump impeachment - What happens next?

Here is what will likely happen in the coming days:

Wednesday, Dec. 18

The House will convene at 9 a.m. EST (1400 GMT) and spend an hour debating a rule setting the parameters for a six-hour debate on the articles of impeachment.

At around 11 a.m. EST (1600 GMT), lawmakers will hold a vote on the rules of the debate, which is expected to pass. The vote could possibly be delayed by Republican parliamentary tactics.

After that, the lawmakers are expected to begin debating the articles.

Once the debate ends, probably in late afternoon or early evening, the 431 sitting House legislators will hold separate votes on the two articles of impeachment.

The vote is likely to fall almost entirely along party lines, with support from nearly all of the chamber’s 233 Democrats. All 197 House Republicans are expected to vote no.

If impeachment is approved, the House would select lawmakers known as managers to present the case against Trump at a Senate trial. House Democrats say most of the managers are likely to come from the Judiciary Committee, and possibly from the Intelligence Committee that led the investigation.

Early January

Trump would face a trial in the Senate to determine whether he should be convicted and ousted from office. The Senate is controlled by Trump’s fellow Republicans, who have shown little sign they will find him guilty. A two-thirds majority of those present in the 100-member chamber would be needed to convict Trump.

U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts would preside over the trial. House managers would present their case against Trump, and the president’s legal team would respond. Senators would act as jurors. A trial could involve testimony from witnesses and a grueling schedule in which proceedings occur six days a week for as many as six weeks.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said a majority of the Senate could approve a shorter process by voting on the articles of impeachment after opening arguments, without witnesses.

(David Bythewood) #1860

(David Bythewood) #1861

The glorious and notorious RBG says Trump ‘is not a lawyer’ and suggests biased senators should be disqualified

(David Bythewood) #1862

I remember when Judge Napolitano was backing Trump. Then he started to become critical of some things, and more and more you could see him shift as the weight of evidence came out. Neither liberal nor never-Trumper.

Some people CAN be swayed by truth:

McCarthyism. Lynchings. The Civil War. The Salem witch trials. The trial of Jesus. Pearl Harbor.

There is nothing the GOP won’t invoke to protect Donald Trump.

I am waiting for comparisons to the Holocaust, Berlin Wall, or Lincoln’s assassination.

GOP Rep. Kelly compares Trump impeachment day to bombing of Pearl Harbor


:rofl: Could be the basis for a new drinking game!

“Berlin Wall” - Drink!

“Lincoln’s Assasination” - Drink!

“Pompeii” - Drink!


Pretty much. :woman_shrugging:t2:

(David Bythewood) #1865


Ok…it is ON - :boom:

T trying to make some ‘noise’ while the vote is taking place.



First Article passes!


Trump Impeached! :boom: