The Public Square Academy - First Cohort

(Michael Freedman) #1

This summer, The Public Square Academy (PSA) will be building a catalog of civic and consumer education programs for launch in the Fall. Although these are based online, it will be different from most online programs in that we will emphasize student interaction, cohesive group learning, and active mentoring. This model will result in deeper learning and a more rewarding experience for the participants.

We will offer the following program types:

Classes – Led by teachers
• Group-based courses for complex learning with a focus on interactivity: discussions, case studies, and projects. (Synchronous)
• Short DIY courses for foundational knowledge (Asynchronous)

Workshops - Supported by Guides / SMEs
• Supported, content-rich skill or capacity-building programs where individuals or groups work on guided, but self-directed projects to learn and develop specific skills and develop actionable results.

Forums – Guided by Moderators
• Topic-focused program with rich background material and guidance focused on generating solutions to problems. These may be continuous learning communities or time / event-bounded.

These programs can be stand-alone or form a sequence. For example, PSA will offer a short course in program design, followed by a workshop where designers will work to build out their programs. Finally, active mentors in PSA will be part of a mutually supporting continuous learning professional development forum.

We are looking for designers, teachers, subject matter experts (SMEs), authors, and influencers who have a civic or consumer education expertise, to develop programs for the Academy. Here are some program ideas. Compensation will be either a percent of student enrollment revenue or by royalty from revenues earned when a mentor uses your program. You will retain the rights to the programs you build. So, if you have a great program and/or are an exceptional teacher, you will be able to earn a respectable income. To be clear, income is based on student revenue, so won’t be earned until the programs are up and running.

For starters, please send a short – one-page proposal for a program(s) you want to build/offer. Along with a brief outline/description, identify the target participants and what the learning and program goals are.

Here are design guidelines we will work with.
• For adult learners working in synchronous, mentor-led small groups
• Highly interactive elements: discussions, projects, collaborations, scripted role plays, simulations, games/competitions, book clubs,
• Turnkey curriculum: student and mentor curriculum, customizable and localizable
• Commercially viable: people will want to participate because it’s meaningful and enjoyable. It will provide a transformative experience.

We will pick the top candidates to enroll in the design program, and let you know right away. Summer is here!

Please feel free to ask questions or ask for a phone or video chat. This will work best if we know each other and like working together!

Michael Freedman
[email protected]
530-575-5716 (PST)