The Russian Connection: The Social Media War


Will Facebook survive the Cambridge Analytica debacle? This has now spread to my state (NC) where one of our Senators (Tillis) and the GOP have been accused of paying over $300k for data from the FB / Cambridge mining activity. WTF

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I’m just so happy that I’ve never been a fan (or user) of Facebook. Looked it over & ran the other way- I just didn’t trust the privacy issues, etc.



These three stories, taken together, demonstrate what a sham the Republican-dominated House Intelligence Committee Investigation into Russian Collusion really was. It’s now obvious that Cambridge Analytica executives lied to the committee and yet the Republicans refuse to re-open the investigation. It’s left to the minority-Democrats to follow up on the lies and uncover the truth.


I basically stopped using FB over a year ago, took the app off my phone after I kept seeing false political stories during the campaign. It smelled fishy but I couldn’t figure out where the fish smell was coming from other than FB.

The past presidential campaign has two smelly issues.

  1. The False news about HRC and the various GOP candidates. Except of course his honor “The Donald”.

  2. Was the Dem nomination process rigged? Seems it was, so much for modeling democracy.


This is all breaking so fast, it’s hard to keep up!


Okay but I would just like to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the fact that at least he used the right word.

It would be pretty cool if people in positions of power in this country knew the difference between slander and libel IMO. It’s a silly pet peeve, but seriously you would think people who spend so much time suing people and getting sued would have that one down by now.

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This was the first article about data and it’s manipulation that I found which went into details of how it was done.


Interesting, I’ve found Wired Magazine often has leading articles about technology and issues like this. Thanks for the lead.

An interesting writer on Information Security is Violet Blue, yes that’s the name she goes by as an author.


Whoa! :flushed: Data on 57 billion friendships were shared. Am I reading this right? I need more coffee.


Facebook provided the dataset of “every friendship formed in 2011 in every country in the world at the national aggregate level” to Kogan’s University of Cambridge laboratory for a study on international friendships published in Personality and Individual Differences in 2015.



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Search in the Financial Times from 2017. Good stuff there too!



Find out if Cambridge Aanalytica obtained your data from Facebook. Click here :point_down:

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Glad you posted that, though I’ve never been a fan (or user) of FB & never will be. :sunglasses:


This is new. Justice Department and F.B.I. Are Investigating Cambridge Analytica.

The federal investigation in the United States appears to focus on the company’s financial dealings — investigators have reached out to the company’s banks, for instance — and how it acquired and used personal data pulled from Facebook and other sources, according to the American official, who was briefed on the inquiry, and other people familiar with it.

In a sign of the inquiry’s scope, one of the prosecutors involved is the assistant chief of the Justice Department’s securities and financial fraud division, Brian Kidd. The effort is being assisted by at least one agent who investigates cybercrime for the F.B.I., those people said.

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Does this raise the stakes at all?


This is a strange story about a presentation by an Israel-based intel firm that outlines ways in which Trump’s election was helped by fake news and fake social-media accounts. The firm’s founder attended that 2nd Don Jr. Trump Tower meeting. WTF?

Psy-Group presentation outlines ways Trump campaign was helped by fake social media accounts

WASHINGTON—Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators have obtained a presentation prepared by an Israel-based private intelligence firm that outlines ways in which Donald Trump’s 2016 election was helped by fake news and fake social-media accounts, according to people familiar with the presentation and documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

The Psy-Group’s founder, Joel Zamel, is under scrutiny from U.S. investigators because of his close relationship with the government of the United Arab Emirates and his involvement in a meeting with Mr. Trump’s eldest son shortly before election day, the Journal has reported.

Mr. Zamel met with Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower in the weeks before the 2016 election along with George Nader, a top adviser to the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates, to discuss an offer to help boost the campaign, according to people familiar with the matter. Erik Prince, a U.S. defense contractor who specializes in the Middle East and had close ties to the campaign, attended the meeting, the Journal previously reported. People involved in the meeting say nothing came of it and the Psy-Group didn’t perform any work for the Trump campaign.

Here’s a link to the slides :point_down:


In light of Friday’s indictment, Twitter finally decided to suspend Guccifer 2.0’s account. I feel like this could have been done a year and half ago. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: