What The Fuck Happened Over The Weekend?



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I have only one article to offer. It’s 1:43 am EST Monday so technically, the weekend is over. Plus I doubt I could find two versions of this. But I invite you all to read it because it’s a fascinating scenario that pulls together most of the major events related to Trump going back to 2016. Some might call it another conspiracy theory, but it sure makes a lot of sense to me. And as other events continue to occur (firing of McCabe), it’s easy enough to see how they fit into the big picture. The only thing that doesn’t really fit is the Stormy Daniels story except to prove how inept T’s legal team has been. Consider what an opening argument might sound like if/when Trump is dragged into court (assuming Mueller is able to drag him into court). Maybe like this? Thoughts, and opinions, please?

(Amy Ginsburg) #25

Hmmm…just thinking out loud, but maybe the Russians sabotaged the copter just to send a signal? It’s not quite as deadly as poison gas. But it’s going to scare the hell out of you. You’d think that any vehicle carrying the President’s daughter and SIL would be looked over with a fine tooth comb for any mechanical issues.

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Or maybe just their bad karma, lol…only the pilot would have been a loss to humanity. But I hope it DID scare them AND make them wonder. Zero sympathy here…that’s what happens when you play with mobsters, Russians or otherwise.

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What an awesome job the Daily Beast did, that’s a fine summation for most of what we know so far…and I’d love nothing better than to see trump literally dragged into Mueller’s court (& maybe a few other places as well, but I digress…:smirk: ). Thanks Amy, this article needs to be shared widely among those who are still “on the fence” about trump’s guilt…I think many working people just don’t have the time & energy to follow all this as much as we’d hope they would, you know, as Americans.

(Amy Ginsburg) #28

I agree. I think the author did an amazing job of pulling many of the pieces together and turning it into a coherent narrative that makes a lot of sense. Of course, it’s just one man’s interpretation of the events. But thus far, I haven’t seen anybody else try to create a reasonable explanation of all the stuff that has been happening. There are just so many corrupt people involved; each passing day, you become aware of another one. Before this is over, I wonder if somebody will discover an entire network of people coordinating efforts to use Russia’s banking system in exchange for looking the other way when it comes to Putin or Trump. It makes you wonder how many major corporations may be backed by Russian money and not even realize it.

(Lynn) #29

That somebody is Mueller…they have…and it’s known as the GOP, aka Republican party. Not all of it, but more than you’d hope to find, IMO.

It does feel helpless sitting on the sidelines, watching & waiting for this to play out, & having to stomach the barrage of dishonest media clips every f***ing day. But sit tight…stay optimistic…it’s under control, mostly. Don’t forget to look away, allow yourself quality distractions, good sleep, productive work, & laughter…it won’t last forever. I promise.


Rebekah Mercer and Steve Bannon knew that Cambridge Analytica was using foreign employees to meddle in U.S. elections. And who warned them this was illegal? Rudy Giuliani’s law firm!

The first article contains a good summary of what we know so far, plus a link to an excellent video segment by Ari Melber.

The second article contains a link to the memo Guiliani’s firm sent to Mercer and Bannon. They cannot claim that they never saw the memo since the first paragraph makes it clear that the memo is in response to their request for guidance about using foreign workers in U.S. campaigns.


Another Republican congressman sees the writing on the wall – and we have another flippable seat.


The Kushner Companies secure yet another dirty loan. It’s the usual M.O.: Bank execs meet with Jared at the White House, then voilà! – Kushner Companies receive a massive loan from that bank – a loan that shores up a struggling property no other bank wants to touch.

This article includes a good summary of the previous dirty loans – these total hundreds of millions of dollars. The Trump family is pillaging our country right before our eyes!

(Lynn) #33

Like rats jumping from a sinking ship… except of course that rats are much cuter & more ethical.

(Amy Ginsburg) #34

Sad that they would rather get out of the government than stay and try to bring all of this craziness to an end.

(Lynn) #35

One has to wonder it it’s mere cowardice or actual complicity? Sadly, the latter would explain a great deal.

(Benjamin Walker) #36

Amazing read, even if it took me all day stealing glimpses of it at work to read it! Very in depth


I thought about posting this in the “Who The Fuck Has Left The Trump Administration” (WTFHLTTA) thread. However, these guys got the boot before they even showed up. Things are getting so chaotic, maybe we should start a new thread called “Who The Fuck Has Left The Trump Administration Who Hasn’t Even Arrived Yet” (WTFHLTTAWHEAY). :wink:


@Walkebb I’m glad you enjoyed it. Jane Mayer is also the author of The Danger of President Pence for the New Yorker and several books, including Dark Money. Check her out, she’s a excellent writer.


@Keaton_James I would have allowed that story on the WTFHLTTA thread but only because it’s funny. The Trump Administration is like watching a Coen brothers movie in real time. Who knows what wacky incompetant characters will show up next?! :grin:



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I watched 60 Minutes & thought she sounded very credible. As opposed to a POTUS who has never once sounded credible to me… Go Stormy! What times we live in.