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What The Fuck Happened Over The Weekend?


Press conference at end of G7 with reporters questions to T is jaw dropping.

Q from PBS reporter Yanisch Alcindor where she doubles down on T to press him on the reason Russia was ousted from the G8…and T keeps repeating it was Pres. Obama"s fault for giving a pass to Russia under his watch.

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Yeah, I saw those already. There’s no way he’s losing that much, he doesn’t even HAVE that much, but it is taking its toll on his businesses, and he was already deep in debt before, most likely.


Maybe he’s still thinking of that sweet Trump Tower Moscow deal he missed out on. :joy:

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Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale Blows Millions on Florida Mansion and Luxury Cars

Brad Parscale has been promoted from President Donald Trump’s digital media manager to his 2020 campaign manager. Since the promotion, he’s been blowing millions on cars and real estate, even though his stated salary is only $15,000 a month.

Parscale also earns a percentage of all contributions to the Trump 2020 re-election campaign, and from the Republican National Committee which has paid his company Parscale Digital $7.3 million so far this year.


What an ass…

God help us if there’s a war.

President Trump repeatedly said that Hurricane Dorian will hit Alabama, even as forecasters insist the powerful storm will not head in that direction.

Dorian became a “major” Category 5 hurricane with 180 mph sustained maximum winds Sunday morning as it approached the northern Bahamas and the eastern Florida coast.

Forecasters right now expect Dorian to turn north and swipe the coast of Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas, but Trump tweeted Alabama, which is west of Florida, will also be hit.

Trump again mentioned Alabama during a hurricane briefing by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as he was advising American citizens in Dorian’s path to heed the warnings and evacuation orders from local authorities.

“It may get a little piece of a great place — it’s called Alabama, and Alabama could even be in for at least some very strong winds,” Trump said. “This just came up, unfortunately. It’s the size of the storm that we’re talking about. So for Alabama, please be careful also.”

Despite Trump’s insistence, forecasters stressed that Dorian currently is not expected to pose a threat to Alabama.

"Alabama will NOT see any impacts from #Dorian. We repeat, no impacts from Hurricane Dorian will be felt across Alabama. The system will remain too far east," the National Weather Service station in Birmingham tweeted.

Note Alabama’s position in relation to the hurricane’s path. I believe Trump thinks Alabama is on the Atlantic coast.


And more hurricane buffoonery…

President Donald Trump said Sunday that he’s “not sure that (he’s) ever even heard of a Category 5” hurricane, despite four such storms having threatened the US since he took office.

“We don’t even know what’s coming at us. All we know is it’s possibly the biggest. I have – I’m not sure that I’ve ever even heard of a Category 5. I knew it existed. And I’ve seen some Category 4’s – you don’t even see them that much,” Trump said at a briefing with officials at FEMA’s headquarters in Washington, DC.

“But a Category 5 is something that – I don’t know that I’ve ever even heard the term other than I know it’s there. That’s the ultimate, and that’s what we have unfortunately,” he added, in reference to Hurricane Dorian.

The comments from the President came just before Dorian, a dangerous Category 5 storm, made landfall on the Abaco Islands in the Bahamas. The storm is the most recent of four Category 5 hurricanes to hit parts of the US since Trump assumed the Oval Office.

In September 2017, nearly eight months into Trump’s presidency, Hurricane Irma, one of the strongest Atlantic basin hurricane ever recorded outside the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, affected at least nine US states. That same month, Hurricane Maria devastated the US territory of Puerto Rico, leaving behind an island that is still struggling to recover.

Last October, Hurricane Michael, which was originally designated as a Category 4, barreled into the Florida Panhandle as the third Category 5 hurricane to blast the US since Trump.

Not the first time Trump said he’s never heard of a Category 5

Trump has previously indicated several other times that Category 5 hurricanes are unprecedented weather events that either he or others had never heard of or witnessed.

In the days between the landfalls of Hurricane Irma and Maria, he said he “never even knew” they existed and said days later that “people (in Puerto Rico) had never seen anything like” the storm.

In October 2017, Trump claimed “nobody has ever heard of a (Category) 5 hitting land,” and earlier this year, he again said he had never heard of a hurricane of that intensity.

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If Hurricane Dorian hits the US, it will be the fifth Category 5 hurricane to make landfall during Trump’s presidency.

Each one is a total surprise to Trump; “nobody” (aka Trump) has ever heard of one before.

It’s like playing peek-a-boo with a toddler; a surprise every time.


T keeps being mercurial and inconsistent. And this summer has been tough on his staff. The incredible shrinking administration awaits more fall-out as a rudderless T can not do the job.

Trump’s lost summer: In private, allies lament president’s self-sabotage

The two months between Independence Day and Labor Day offered a fresh and vivid portrait of the president as seen by Trump’s critics — incompetent, indecisive, intolerant and ineffective.

White House officials promote the summer of 2019 as one of historic achievement for Trump, offering up a list of more than two dozen accomplishments. But privately, many of the president’s advisers and outside allies bemoan what they consider to be a period of missed opportunity and self-sabotage.

In the final lull before the 2020 campaign starts to intensify this fall, Trump could have worked strategically to solidify his position and broaden his appeal. Instead, his words and actions this summer served to further divide the country and to harden public opinion about the ever-polarizing president.

You can’t fall off the floor,” said Republican strategist Alex Castellanos. “Everybody knows who Donald Trump is. Before he was elected, we knew he grabbed women by the p-word and he was this political hand grenade. If you hate Trump, you hate Trump; if you love Trump, you love Trump.”

Trump had some victories. In addition to his Independence Day celebration, special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s July 24 testimony before two House committees did not have the impact that many Democrats desired, as Mueller offered no new damning evidence against the president. And on Thursday, the Justice Department’s inspector general found that former FBI director James B. Comey — a frequent target of Trump’s ire — had violated FBI policies in his handling of memos that detailed his controversial interactions with the president.

A Republican operative in frequent touch with the White House described the mood from the “staff guys and gals” as one of weariness. “Exhaustion, fatigue, wake us when it’s over,” said the operative, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to summarize the sentiment of private conversations. “They’re just tired.”

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What does he mean - “hope it doesn’t end in a wreck”?
As if your administration isn’t wrecked already!
In the meantime Americans can take some solace from the fact that they are not the only Nation suffering from the antics of an incompetent buffoon. Across the Atlantic the UK is rapidly becoming the Disunited Kingdom under the realm of Boorish Johnston


Trump spends the day golfing as cat 5 hurricane threatens U.S.

A 90-second recap of Trump’s negligent and incompetent behavior over the weekend. And yes, besides the usual golfing-during-a-national-emergency/tragedy, there were the clueless proclamations and then he even managed to bash a labor leader on Labor Day – way to honor the holiday, Mr. President.

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Stocks decline as Trump digs in on trade war


Key Points:

  • Walmart is discontinuing sales of short-barrel rifle ammunition such as the .223 caliber and 5.56 caliber, discontinuing sales of handgun ammunition and discontinuing handgun sales entirely in Alaska.

  • It’s also asking shoppers to no longer openly carry firearms in stores, in states where “open carry” is allowed, unless authorized law enforcement officers are present.

  • CEO Doug McMillon announces the changes following two deadly shootings at Walmart stores over the summer.

It’s a start.

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Something big is breaking in Scotland, something to do with Trump Turnberry.

Scottish Government-owned Prestwick Airport paid £9m by Trump administration

Trump’s Treasury moves to massively slash housing market regulations established after 2008 global financial crash


Trump tariffs are set to cost U.S. households $2,000 in 2020

Aarthi Swaminathan
Finance Writer
Yahoo Finance
September 7, 2019

Tariffs are expected to cost American households more than $2,000 per year in 2020, according to a recent report from the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP).

The Arlington-based nonprofit — which looked at the effect of tariffs on the overall economy and consumers — estimated that by the end of 2019, the trade duties imposed by U.S. President Donald Trump “will have cost the average household $1,315 over a two-year period.”

And “when adding the tariffs in effect and the tariffs set to go into effect by the end of 2019, the costs of the tariffs to consumers will be $259.2 billion,” the report stated. “That is, the tariffs will cost the average household $2,031 per year, and will be recurring so long as the tariffs stay in effect.” …

Yet nearly every time Trump talks about his tariff war, he claims that China is paying for it. NOT. American consumers are paying…bigly. This recent NBC News report explains why.


Wtf, Trump invited the Taliban to Camp David?

The president’s announcement was startling for multiple reasons. A surprise summit at Camp David with leaders of an insurgent group that has killed thousands of Americans since the October 2001 invasion of Afghanistan would have been a sensational diplomatic gambit, on par with Mr. Trump’s meetings with the once-reclusive North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. A senior administration official said the meeting had been planned for Monday, just two days before the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, which were plotted from Afghanistan and led to the United States’ invasion of the country.

Mr. Trump’s statement also appears to scuttle — for now — his longstanding hope to deliver on a campaign promise to withdraw American troops from an 18-year conflict that he has called an aimless boondoggle.

It comes amid stubborn resistance within Afghanistan’s government about the peace agreement that had been under discussion, not only for security reasons but also because Mr. Ghani has been determined to preserve a planned Sept. 28 election, which he is favored to win. The Taliban have insisted on postponing the election before proceeding with negotiations with the Afghan government.

Several people familiar with the diplomacy between the Trump administration and the Taliban puzzled over Mr. Trump’s stated decision to cancel peace negotiations entirely in response to one American casualty, however tragic. The Taliban had not agreed to halt their attacks on Americans in advance of a formal agreement. That raised the question of whether Mr. Trump might have been looking for a pretext because the talks had run into trouble.

Where we were before these insane tweets,

Fucking bat-shit crazy pants idea. I’m going to have trouble getting over this one. :exploding_head:


All for show. :tv:

and yes wtf are they doing this at all…at Camp David, Week of 9-11.

About 17 Americans had been killed by Afghanistan throughout this ‘negotiation.’



Yes WTF?! :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

Afghanistan has been a disaster but now he’s giving up on peace talks?! :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

What are we even doing anymore? Where’s the direction, where’s the leadership? It’s just so appalling that this is where we are in our foreign policy efforts. :woman_facepalming:t2:


Yes to all above. @Pet_Proletariat
AND Bolton and Pompeo are not speaking to one another. How’s that for a total abomination? :astonished:


Ran out of spots to post on Portait of President…so posting here.

Chief Media critic of NYT has written this Opinion. Piece and a book.“Audience of One.” About T.

And a lot of this description of T rings true, and especially how he plays out this all on TV.

Looking for a quote about how T wanted each day at WH to be like a Reality TV episode…(mentioned on Reliable Resources CNN this morning)

The Real Donald Trump Is a Character on TV

Understand that, and you’ll understand what he’s doing in the White House.

By James Poniewozik

Mr. Poniewozik is the chief television critic of The Times and the author of “Audience of One: Donald Trump, Television and the Fracturing of America.”

Mr. Trump has been playing himself instinctually as a character since the 1980s; it’s allowed him to maintain a profile even through bankruptcies and humiliations. But it’s also why, on the rare occasions he’s had to publicly attempt a role contrary to his nature — calling for healing from a script after a mass shooting, for instance — he sounds as stagey and inauthentic as an unrehearsed amateur doing a sitcom cameo.

His character shorthand is “Donald Trump, Fighter Guy Who Wins.” Plop him in front of a camera with an infant orphaned in a mass murder, and **he does not have it in his performer’s tool kit to do anything other than smile unnervingly and give a fat thumbs-up**.

This is what was lost on commentators who kept hoping wanly that this State of the Union or that tragedy would be the moment he finally became “presidential.” It was lost on journalists who felt obligated to act as though every modulated speech from a teleprompter might, this time, be sincere.

The institution of the office is not changing Donald Trump, because he is already in the sway of another institution. He is governed not by the truisms of past politics but by the imperative of reality TV: Never de-escalate and never turn the volume down.

This conveniently echoes the mantra he learned from his early mentor, Roy Cohn: Always attack and never apologize. He serves up one “most shocking episode ever” after another, mining uglier pieces of his core each time: progressing from profanity about Haiti and Africa in private to publicly telling four minority American congresswomen, only one of whom was born outside the United States, to “go back” to the countries they came from.

The taunting. The insults. The dog whistles. The dog bullhorns. The “Lock her up” and “Send her back.” All of it follows reality-TV rules. Every season has to top the last. Every fight is necessary, be it against Ilhan Omar or Debra Messing. Every twist must be more shocking, every conflict more vicious, lest the red light grow bored and wink off. The only difference: Now there’s no Mark Burnett to impose retroactive logic on the chaos, only press secretaries, pundits and Mike Pence.

To ask whether any of this is “instinct” or “strategy” is a parlor game. If you think like a TV camera — if thinking in those reflexive microbursts of adrenaline and testosterone has served you your whole life — then the instinct is the strategy.

And to ask who the “real” Donald Trump is, is to ignore the obvious. You already know who Donald Trump is. All the evidence you need is right there on your screen. He’s half-man, half-TV, with a camera for an eye that is constantly focused on itself. The red light is pulsing, 24/7, and it does not appear to have an off switch.

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More tariff news,

The Trump administration has proposed a tariff of up to 100% on $25 billion in European items. Romano, Parmesan, provolone and Gouda are all on the list. But it’s not just cheese. The tariff is proposed to hit a variety of items that pair well with cheese, as well – like wines and meats, olive oil, olives and pasta.

Shit, a 100% tax on imported foods and wines from Europe? How does this help us? How is this winning? I better buy a crate of my favorite aged vinegar before this goes into effect. :worried:

Also I think we need a Trade War or Economic thread, anyone up for maintaining it? @Keaton_James would you be available?