What's driving the narrative? Is it fake news, PR stunts, real legal arguments?

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Getting at the Press with accusations that their credentials should be stripped, is certainly an authoritarian tactic, but it is also setting up a Fake News platform. Just accusing the press is enough to heat up the political temperature. I find it shameful.

Jim Sciutto - CNN reporter vrs Brad Parscale - Digital Manager/Trump Campaign.

“Jim @Acosta should immediately have his press credentials suspended. He is an absolute disgrace!” Brad Parscale tweeted in response to an article accusing CNN’s chief White House correspondent of “interrupting” the “historic signing ceremony” between Trump and Kim.

“The media should be cheering @realDonaldTrump’s progress with North Korea. Instead they are trying to downplay and poke holes,” Parscale later added. “Their dislike for President Trump is greater than their love of peace.”


The Columbia Journalism Review is an interesting publication, it gives an interesting perspective on professional journalism today and how the T administration is impacting it.

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Shafer: Trump can reliably win the battle if it’s fought with words. But against images and descriptions of distraught and traumatized children and parents,

T’s superpower I believe is to tell ‘sqirrel’…look over here. Interesting article.