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What's driving the narrative? Is it fake news, PR stunts, real legal arguments?



George Conway…always taking a shot at T. Thank you.


From Cliff SIms New Book Team of Vipers, an excerpt about the diabolical tactics KellyAnne Conway uses to get stories she wants into the press. She’s their #1 leaker…probably next to T himself, and others of course.

What is curious about this is the willful manipulation of the news, coming from a source who invented the words “Alternative facts.” She is a spin meister, the high priestess of spin…and more. Strangely, she could just be the Mystery writer of the NYT’s piece…

(Who is mystery NY Times Op Ed Author)

She is duplicitous as she will trash people via her leaks to the Press, then support them to their faces. I had heard the remark that during Morning Joe and mentioned in this article, KellyAnne after her mike was turned off, openly said disparaging remarks, like “I need to take a shower…” would be a signal to those in the MSM she does not play it straight. She is in love with her own power and the position she finds herself in.

And the fact her husband George Conway tweets all the condemning words towards the president (and rightfully so) makes me think that perhaps the long plan for the Conways was always to get out of this mess alive, and with a name to carry on as a respectible lawyer, and who knows what for KellyAnne.

She will claim that she never had any Russian contacts, because she started after Manafort and knew nothing about any tactics the campaign used…but she may be connected with Cambridge Analytica…who knows.

Below is an excerpt on how KellyAnne’s IMessages to several main stream reporters were read by Cliff in real time while he worked on a statement for her to read. She had let him use her computer, and all that was synced up on her IPHONE, IMAC etc could be seen on all her computers.

Trump Aide Recalls Conway’s Leaking Tactics in the West Wing Viper’s Nest
In this exclusive excerpt from Team of Vipers: My 500 Extraordinary Days in the Trump White House, a former Trump aide recalls the leaking, the gossiping, and the infighting that made Kellyanne Conway such a formidable player in the White House.

I sat down and started slowly pecking out a statement. While working in the White House, I found that I’d grown so accustomed to writing in Trump’s voice that writing for other people had become somewhat harder than it nor­mally would have been. I was already getting off to a slow start, but I was also getting distracted by the nonstop stream of iMessages popping up on the screen. At that point, personal phones had not yet been banned in the West Wing, so Kellyanne was sitting at her desk texting away. And since her iMes­sage account was tied to both her phone and her laptop, which she must not have even considered, I could inadvertently see every conversation she was having.

Over the course of 20 minutes or so, she was having simultaneous conversations with no fewer than a half­-dozen reporters, most of them from outlets the White House frequently trashed for publishing “fake news.” Jour­nalists from The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Politico, and Bloomberg were all popping up on the screen. And these weren’t policy conversations, or attempts to fend off attacks on the president. As I sat there trying to type, she bashed Jared Kushner, Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, and Sean Spicer, all by name. (“The real leakers, past and present, get much more positive press than I do. While it’s rare, I prefer to knife people from the front, so they see it coming,” Conway said in a statement shortly after publication. According to a source familiar with the situation, the statement was drafted in consultation with her husband, George Conway. Subsequently, George Conway has denied involvement with the statement on Twitter. A White House aide close to Kellyanne Conway insisted that George Conway was not involved in this statement, but did contribute to the statement submitted to Morning Joe. )

She also recounted private conversations she’d had with the president, during which, at least in her telling, she’d convinced him to see things her way, which she said was a challenge when you’re deal­ing with someone so unpredictable and unrestrained. She wasn’t totally trashing the president, at least as the Morning Joe crew described it, but she definitely wasn’t painting him in the most favorable light. She was talking about him like a child she had to set straight. I was sitting there, watching this, totally bewildered. I was supposed to be writing a statement, defending her against accusations that she had done almost exactly what I was watch­ing her do that very moment.

When Fox & Friends co-host Abby Huntsman later asked Kellyanne about allegations that she was the “No. 1 leaker” in the administration, she sidestepped the question, only saying that “leakers get great press,” and adding that “one day, Abby, I will have my say.”


The Fox Network group are suggesting that CNN was staking out Stone’s house this am that they were tipped off by FBI…

Fridays tend to be day for indictments, Stone has been a target a long time and there are always stakeouts…

Conservative media having a problem with this…


Idiot’s delight…his main refrain rings hollow.


Shame on Van Susteren. She makes the claim that the FBI tipped off CNN yet offers absolutely nothing to back it up. She just plucked that out of thin air. My opinion of her was always low and it has now dropped to zero – I will never again listen to any of her commentaries following this flagrant, concocted accusation.

Van Susteren’s unsupported allegation is especially unconscionable since she knows it will be picked up by Trump and, sure enough, he’s spreading the smear today (his tweet: “Who alerted CNN to be there?”). Millions of Trump’s followers have now been conned into believing one more unsubstantiated black mark against the FBI. Yes, we could indeed find out that the FBI leaked the arrest particulars to CNN, but so far there is no basis to make this claim and it is reprehensible to do so.

In fact, all the signs point to CNN’s coverage of the arrest simply being the result of dogged, expert journalism. As reported in Lawfare’s excellent analysis of Stone’s indictment posted by @Pet_Proletariat:

Trump and some media figures have questioned how CNN came to have cameras at Stone’s house at the time of his arrest. “Who alerted CNN to be there?” the president asked, clearly implying that someone had leaked that the arrest was happening. And in the same tweet, he complained about the manner in which law enforcement dealt with Stone: “Border Coyotes, Drug Dealers and Human Traffickers are treated better.”

This suggestion has gathered steam in pro-Trump media in the hours since Stone’s arrest. But in fact, it’s no secret why Mueller’s team decided to execute an early morning raid, rather than allow Stone to surrender himself to authorities. The special counsel’s office made this very clear in its motion to seal the indictment and related warrants and motions, filed the day before Stone’s arrest:

Law enforcement believes that publicity resulting from disclosure of the Indictment and related materials on the public record prior to arrest will increase the risk of the defendant fleeing and destroying (or tampering with) evidence. It is therefore essential that any information concerning the pending indictment in this district be kept sealed prior to the defendant’s arrest.

In such circumstances, the treatment of Stone is quite normal: arrests are often made by the FBI, and warrants are generally executed, in early-morning hours as a matter of standard operating procedures.

Trump’s suggestion that law enforcement leaked the coming raid also seems wholly unlikely. Law enforcement tends to take the secrecy surrounding raids extremely seriously; a leak risks compromising an investigation in the precise way Mueller’s filing suggests, not to mention potentially placing FBI agents in physical danger. More importantly, CNN has offered a detailed explanation of how its reporters obtained the story, saying reporters had been “staking out Stone because there was just enough evidence lurking in the special counsel’s activity over the past week that CNN’s team covering the Mueller investigation placed a bet that Stone could be arrested as early as Friday.” According to CNN, the first hints were provided when a Mueller’s team told a grand jury witness to select a day for testimony other than Friday—an indication the special counsel’s office anticipated being busy. Then the grand jury was set to meet Thursday, instead of on the usual Friday. CNN reporters then observed Mueller’s prosecutors in the courthouse meeting with the grand jury and later saw one of those prosecutors wheeling a suitcase, suggesting plans to travel. CNN decided to send a team to stake out Stone’s house in case an arrest was imminent. In other words, this does not appear to have been a leak it all—just good reporting leading to a scoop.

And here’s CNN’s own validation of their hunch about the timing of the Stone indictment – yesterday, I happened to catch this CNN alert speculating that the arrest might come the next day (today):

In other words, if CNN had neglected to be at Stone’s house early this morning, they would not have been doing their job as journalists. Heck, if I lived within driving distance, I would have been tempted to be there myself, sitting in my car having my morning cup of joe and staking out the place along with the CNN crew. :male_detective: :coffee:


All great points about how CNN was on it, and anticipated another indictment. The CNN gang (and others) keep their eyes on the Mueller movements in the courts, the filings etc. Information seeped out last night as well that there had been another sealed indictment filed in the last day or so…All things Mueller - What we know he has on T 'n Co Not sure if it is the same indictment…the numbers do NOT match but heck, that’s a clue along the trail.

The immediate blowback from the Greta’s, the Drudge Reports, the Pres are just more indicators how they want to this to be perceived…and making CNN the bad guy, or an non-extistent FBI leak the culprit.

Yes, @Keaton_James I would not mind observing the Roger Stone’s get pulled in and indicted myself… We need these victories…and :boom:'s

Here are the Drudge Report’s headlines at the early stages of Roger’s court appearances…spreading false information.


After T gave his interview late yesterday to the NYT, all the cable networks followed it.

T initiated the interview initially asking A. G. Sulzberger, publisher of the Times, if he could have an off-the-record dinner with T, but Sulzberger declined.

And of course, there was immediate news coverage on what transpired in the interview with Maggie Haberman and Peter Baker.

On CNN, Anderson Cooper led with this chyron…

The chyron on Anderson Cooper’s “Keeping Them Honest” segment was surreal, saying, "WE’LL LEAVE THE GASLIGHT ON FOR YOU, PART 17." Cooper said, "We begin tonight…with the president once again telling you not to trust your eyes and ears, not to believe what you see and hear, but to believe only him."

From Brian Stelter’s (CNN - Reliable Sources newsletter)

And clearly, NYT’s is wise to what T wants to accomplish with a dinner with Sulzberger

Here’s Stelter’s recap

President Donald Trump on Thursday afternoon sat down with NYT’s Peter Baker, Maggie Haberman, and publisher A.G. Sulzberger for a wide-ranging interview touching on a number of topics. NYT’s story posted Thursday night… Some highlights…

– On border wall negotiations: Trump called negotiations with Congress a “waste of time.” Seemingly hinting at a future declaration of a national emergency, Trump said, “I’ve set the table. I’ve set the stage for doing what I’m going to do.”

– On the Russia probe: Trump said Rod Rosenstein “told the attorneys that I’m not a subject, I’m not a target” of the investigation.

– On Roger Stone: Trump said he “never” spoke with Stone about WikiLeaks, and “never” directed anyone to make contact with Stone about WikiLeaks.

– On the emerging Democratic field: “I would say the best opening so far would be Kamala Harris." Trump said some of the others “were very flat.”


When the NY TImes interviewed T this week What’s driving the narrative? Is it fake news, PR stunts, real legal arguments? , with Sulzberger, Baker and Haberman were in attendance, T danced around the question of ‘fake news,’ when Sulzberger questioned him. And is his way, T declared “I do believe I’m a victim of that.”

No question that the press can go after a president, and try to expose all his intentions, and actions. And the criticism is sharp and deep, but we expect that the press is all over the President’s actions.

It is always clear that when T does not like his coverage, he chants “Fake News” because he is thin-skinned, and thinks like an autocrat, or reflexively denounces it.

There’s no excuse for it…and I hope the press is that much stronger for his berating. Sends a chill down my spine to listen to his bs.

In lengthy and at times contradictory remarks on Thursday about the news media — which he deemed “important” and “beautiful,” but also “so bad” and “unfair” — Mr. Trump called himself “a victim” of unfair coverage and declined to accept responsibility for a rise in threats against journalists since he took office.

“I do notice that people are declaring more and more fake news, where they go, ‘Fake news!’” the president said during an Oval Office interview with The New York Times. “I even see it in other countries. I don’t necessarily attribute that to me. I think I can attribute the term to me. I think I was the one that started using it, I would say.”

When Mr. Sulzberger said foreign leaders were increasingly using the term “fake news” to justify suppressing independent scrutiny, Mr. Trump replied: “I don’t like that. I mean I don’t like that.”

But, in a common pattern whenever the president speaks about the press, Mr. Trump quickly refocused on his personal grievances. “I do think it’s very bad for a country when the news is not accurately portrayed,” he said. “I really do. And I do believe I’m a victim of that, honestly.”

“We’re seeing leaders of journalistic organizations saying very directly that governments feel like there is a climate of impunity that’s been created,” the publisher said. “You know the United States and the occupants of your office historically have been the greatest defenders of the free press.

“And I think I am, too,” Mr. Trump interjected. “I want to be. I want to be.” He quickly added: “I guess the one thing I do feel, because you look at network coverage, it’s so bad.


Pretty bold move by The Post to lead the charge on the issue of Free Press on one of the most watched sporting events…

Thank you for that.


Here it is…



As a source for news, opinions, misinformation and manipulation - what could go wrong?


Well, leave it to Fox news for shedding light on what T’s request for a Wall is all about. It is only a rallying cry - It’s about politics, his 2020 re-election and nothing to do with Immigration.

Thanks for clearing that up…and glad they can state the truth. We already knew what it was…an easy meme for T to get to his base.

Fox contributor Dan Bongino explicitly said that Trump’s insistence on building a wall is about giving him a "political victory,” stating, "This is not about immigration. I think everybody at this table knows this.” Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy claimed Trump needs a wall “because he needs to start running for re-election.” Fox’s Tomi Lahren argued, “When President Trump listens to his instincts on this, he is right, which is why he won the election in 2016. He will win on it again in 2020. But he has to hold firm on this. The American people want a wall.”

(Renee) #113

Dragonfly - thanks!


Yeah, that’s rich…but Chris Wallace (Fox Sunday) has enough _____ to call the R’s out on this.

From Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources (CNN) Newsletter.

Chris Wallace calls out ‘outraged’ Republicans

Oliver Darcy emails: It was another one of those moments in which an actual journalist at Fox broke from the chorus to offer the audience valuable context. “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace said he found it “rich that Republicans are so outraged” over the Whitaker hearing, given that the GOP held many, many hearings on things like the IRS, Benghazi and Fast & Furious. Mediaite has the full clip here…


Total spin…Qatar walks back it’s thoughtless? investments in Kushner properties, will have to get some oversight on it…hmmmm

Big WTF meter just went off…

When news emerged that Qatar may have unwittingly helped bail out a New York skyscraper owned by the family of Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law, eyebrows were raised in Doha.

The bailout, in which Doha played no part and first learned about in the media, has prompted a rethink of how the gas-rich kingdom invests money abroad via its giant sovereign wealth fund, two sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

The country has decided that the Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) will aim to avoid putting money in funds or other investment vehicles it does not have full control over, according to the sources, who are familiar with the QIA’s strategy.

What The Fuck Happened Over The Weekend?

@dragonfly9 Wow – I’m so glad you posted this. Last night I was on the verge of posting similar thoughts. This phrase in particular that you quoted jumped out at me as well:

The bailout, in which Doha played no part and first learned about in the media…

How can Reuters just flat out make this claim with absolutely no substantiation? This sounds more like a pay-for-publication press release issued by Qatar and the U.S. company involved (Brookfield), than a responsible piece of journalism. And what’s more distressing is that it was picked up without any apparent vetting by major news outlets such as the NYT – they reprinted it in its entirety without taking the time to question it in any way.

Ah, but at least Vanity Fair was doing its job. Here’s a take on the Reuters’ piece by Bess Levin:

And Levin is in a position to know. Here’s an earlier report from her exposing the web of connections between Qatar, Brookfield, and the Kushners (both Jared and his felony-convicted father, Charles). An intriguing read.

And here’s something that’s really telling from that piece. Levin quotes an NYT article from the same time period (May, 2018) that makes it clear the talks on financing were ongoing at that time and had not been finalized.

The company controlled by the family of the White House adviser Jared Kushner is close to receiving a bailout of its troubled flagship building by a company with financial ties to the government of Qatar, according to executives briefed on the deal.

The highly spun Reuters “press release” makes it sound like Qatar only found out about its participation in the bailout after the fact, but here is in-your-face proof that their involvement in the bailout was well known before it was finalized. Why didn’t Qatar try to stop it by taking a public stand back then? Qatar’s and Reuters’ lies are there for everyone to see.

BTW, I normally respect Reuters’ reporting, but this incident has damaged their reputation IMHO. I’ll be scrutinizing their work more closely in the future.

What The Fuck Happened Over The Weekend?

You are right @Keaton_James …this Reuters article is outrageous on so many levels, but at some point Qatar had to say something, as all of these middle east contacts are being scrutinized. The Hive/VF article says that Qatar could stick out it’s neck once the sale of the 666 building had been finalized to Brookfield Asset Management. And that happened 3 weeks ago.

If Reuters can be blamed for issuing the Qatar PR piece, then so be in. Those of us who read the news and are aware of what kind of massaging the message this is, then we can continue looking at the Qatari’s with greater scrutiny.

And none of it passes the smell test, btw.

I suppose similarly the net effect of learning of Kashoggi’s murder at the hands of the Saudi and oked by MBS 'n Co, was NIL and the US took no stand against it, is that the most mediocre ‘explainer’ opinion of such a heinous crime can be normalized given the position those in power want to take.

Oh, it goes deep this one…who’s going to spin it so Qatar does not take too big of a hit.

And these little tiny pieces of information keep replaying in my hear.

Jared of guilty for using every government connection to bail out his Kushner property, particularly this albatross. Pundits are suggesting that many in the international government arena did/have complained that Jared is hustling for business. He’s acting like a princeling, and convorting way above his pay grade. (He works for free, except for all the profits he is experiencing as a result of the Grifter clan and all their operations.)

And Qatar Investment Authority is under scrutiny of some kind and perhaps potentially “Company A” or something else. Another stinking situation…

We are close to a final explanation, but far enough away to feel really vexxed at hearing this nonsense coming from Qatar.

And P.S. Can’t verify, except by tweet that the FBI was interviewing Charles Kushner last week. So there’s that.


From Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources newsletter quoting from Philip Bump’s WaPo article

The speech turned into a presser…

Friday in the Rose Garden, “everything fell into place" to keep Trump on task: The president opened the floor to reporters and stayed predictably on topic, trotting out "the same frequently disproved data,” Philip Bump wrote Friday. Still, we saw why real-time fact-checking of Trump “is often an unrewarding enterprise.”

Bump: "The combination of the power imbalance between the president and reporters, his willingness to ignore the decorum that has usually guided such interactions, and his aggressive lack of interest in engaging in legitimate debate all made the day’s incursions broadly unsuccessful."

Same presser…more reviews of it…

(Renee) #119

Thanks to both of you on these posts. Does anyone recall Rex Tillerson waving a flag on the regional issues with Qatar a country with what I believe has a 30K troop placement and Jared looking like he was ready to blow-up the Middle East with his great expertise? Further investigiations and reportings in the last 2 years to include Cohen/Wieselberg (sp?) Trump’s real money man, were introducted to the NY Federal attorneys I have often wondered if Trumps/Kushners will end up avoiding a RICO indictment in the future? Maybe a fever dream…


CNN, WTF is this all about? Not only is Sarah Isgur a Jeff Sessions apologist, she also has zero background in leading a news team. If they wanted to broaden the viewpoints expressed in their programs, CNN could have brought her on as a panelist or as an author of editorial content for their web site, but how can they justify installing her as the coordinator of their political coverage for the 2020 election? Depending on how much clout she’s given, that could be one of the most influential media positions in the nation over the next two years – and she’s coming into it from the incumbent’s camp and without any discernible qualifications! :interrobang:

President Donald Trump has derided CNN as a leading purveyor of “fake news,” and now, a recently departed administration official is joining the network in a senior role.

Sarah Isgur, who served as the Justice Department’s lead spokeswoman under Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is joining the network as a political editor next month, where she will coordinate political coverage for the 2020 campaign.

While it is common for departing administration officials to join cable news networks as analysts or contributors, it is less common for them to oversee news coverage. Isgur has no experience in news but a long history as a political operative, most recently with the Trump administration and the Fiorina campaign. Before that, she worked for the Republican National Committee and on Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign…