Who The Fuck Has Left The Trump Administration


You know…I did look up if the VA has had massive layoffs…

See this. Looks like there have been some purges…and I see the number 1700

The law’s effect was nearly instantaneous: Firings rose 60 percent during the second half of 2017, after the law took effect, compared to the first half of 2017. Since June, the VA has removed 1,704 of its 370,000 employees.

But if top officials were the target of the law, a ProPublica investigation suggests the legislation misfired. In practice, the new law is overwhelmingly being used against the rank and file. Since it took effect, the VA has fired four senior leaders. The other 1,700 terminated people were low-level staffers with titles such as housekeeper (133 lost their jobs), nursing assistant (101 ousted) and food service worker (59 terminated), according to data posted by the VA.

And some fear the experience at the VA shows that removing protections against firing will only encourage more firings. The agency had more than 40,000 job vacancies even before the wave of firings. If reducing the workforce makes the VA less effective, it will only reinforce the argument that the agency is broken and needs to be cleaned out. “We really do need to modernize the civil service,” said Max Stier, president of the Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit providing leadership training to federal employees. “However, firing feds faster is not going to result in the better government we all want.”

and the Pro-Publica article

All of it…he uses any facts to support ANY argument. I realize he was appealing to the VA/Vets in this instance and construes, misapplies ‘facts’ to suit his argument.

Same formula - he said that he had the highest favorable ratings among blacks (regarding was he a racist question?).

He could have built up that 1700 number up to 3600, who knows.

We have a lunatic president…who says what he wants. :clown_face:


Looks like the WH Legal staff has been very much depleted. We knew of deputy counsel Annie Donaldson, leaving, but this says that mcGahn’s replacement Pat Cipollone has been delayed to start due to ‘extended background check’.

But there are about 25 lawyers working there, as opposed to the 40 or so they have been used to…hmmmm.

The office has been without a permanent leader since ex-White House senior attorney Don McGahn left the administration in mid-October. His replacement, Pat Cipollone, is caught up in an extended background check that’s prevented him from starting. And in the coming weeks, deputy counsel Annie Donaldson, who served as McGahn’s most trusted aide and as the office’s chief of staff, is expected to leave the administration, according to two Republicans close to the White House.

Amid the leadership tumult, the counsel’s office has shrunk to about 25 lawyers, according to a second Republican close to the administration. That’s lower than its recent high point of roughly 35 attorneys and well short of the 40 people that some expect it will need to deal with a reinvigorated Democratic party eager to investigate the president’s tax returns and business dealings in foreign countries, reopen probes into Russian election meddling and explore the behavior of a bevy of Cabinet officials.

They only have roughly 20 dedicated White House lawyers and a bunch of detailees who could leave at any time,” one former White House official told POLITICO. “I don’t think anyone who is paying attention thinks they are prepared for a Democratic takeover.”


President Donald Trump is losing his personal aide, Jordan Karem, who plans to resign after less than a year on the job, according to people familiar with the matter.

Karem serves as Trump’s so-called “bodyman,” an aide who accompanies the president on travel and looks after his personal needs. He’s also a Trump confidant, familiar with his moods and thinking. The president relies on him for advice and to relay messages between Trump’s advisers inside and outside the White House, the people said.

Karem is often the first aide Trump sees in the morning and the last to see him at night. He joined the Trump campaign in July 2015 as an advance staffer before becoming press director for then-vice presidential candidate Mike Pence. He became Trump’s personal aide in March.





Another High-Ranking FBI Official to Depart

Bill Priestap, who currently serves as assistant director of the bureau’s counterintelligence division, will leave his post by year-end…



A top FBI official who had a role in overseeing investigations into both Hillary Clinton and the Trump campaign will retire at the end of the year.

Bill Priestap, who currently serves as assistant director of the FBI’s counterintelligence division, will leave the bureau after 20 years, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

His departure is unrelated to the 2016 investigations and the questions that have been raised about them, the Journal reported.

The FBI said in a statement to the newspaper that Priestap “became eligible to retire and has chosen to do so after 20 years of service."

Priestap was involved in the FBI’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election and whether Russians colluded with the Trump campaign, and he was also part of the bureau’s investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of State.


100% Trump is running the Presidency like a reality show.

President Donald Trump is still looking for a new United Nations ambassador. He has no deputy national security adviser. His attorney general and Environmental Protection Agency administrator are serving in acting capacities, and his constant badmouthing of his chief of staff and secretary of Homeland Security has undermined their authority.

The president once openly signaled a plan to revamp his Cabinet and staff after the midterm elections, calling it a “very customary” act — and his aides acknowledged that big changes might be coming. But while he demanded the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions the day after last month’s midterm elections, the once-breathless anticipation of his next personnel move has stretched into a long and awkward waiting game.

“I think Trump likes to make nominations into kind of a reality-TV show moment; he likes to keep people sitting on the edge of their seats. ‘Are you in or are you out?’ ‘Are you hired or fired?’” said presidential historian Douglas Brinkley. “But it creates a sense of chaos in the administration.”


John Kelly is expected to resign as White House chief of staff in the coming days, two sources familiar with the situation unfolding in the West Wing tell CNN.
Seventeen months in, Kelly and President Donald Trump have reached a stalemate in their relationship and it is no longer seen as tenable by either party. Though Trump asked Kelly over the summer to stay on as chief of staff for two more years, the two have stopped speaking in recent days.


Strange story :thinking:

Under the Federal Vacancies Reform Act, the head of the Justice Department was to report the vacancy in the office of attorney general and any appointment of an acting attorney general to the head of the Government Accountability Office "immediately."

It’s been a month since Trump forced then-Attorney General Sessions to resign and then tweeted that Matthew Whitaker, Sessions’ chief of staff, would be the acting attorney general.

There has been no notification.

The comptroller general of the United States, the head of the accountability office, hasn’t received any reporting of either the vacancy or the acting appointment, a GAO spokesperson for the office told BuzzFeed News on Friday morning.





John F. Kelly, the retired Marine general tapped as chief of staff by President Trump last year to bring order to his chaotic White House, will leave the job by the end of the year, Mr. Trump said on Saturday, the latest departure from the president’s inner circle after a bruising midterm election for his party.

Mr. Trump, speaking with reporters on the White House lawn before departing for the Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia, said that he would announce a replacement for Mr. Kelly in the next day or two.

The leading candidate to replace Mr. Kelly is Nick Ayers, Vice President Mike Pence’s 36-year-old chief of staff and a Republican political operative, who possesses the kind of savvy about campaigns that Mr. Trump has craved. Mr. Kelly, a career military officer before becoming Mr. Trump’s first homeland security secretary, lacked such experience.