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Who The Fuck Has Left The Trump Administration



No surprise here. We’re losing a respected expert on Russia who is also a Putin critic. She’s being replaced by a war hawk/Bolton ally.

Hill’s departure means Trump has almost no experts on Russia and Europe to advise him. Probably doesn’t make that much difference since he does not take advice, nor value expertise.

Fiona Hill, the top official on Russian affairs at the National Security Council, will depart the Trump administration this summer, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Hill, a former Brookings scholar and skeptic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, oversaw rocky Washington-Moscow ties over the past two and a half years. She’s expected to remain in her current post at least through Trump’s expected meeting with Putin at next week’s G20 summit in Osaka, Japan.

She’ll be replaced by Tim Morrison, an arms control specialist who currently serves as the top non-proliferation official at the NSC.

Morrison joined the administration last August and is widely considered a hardliner on nuclear policy – his area of expertise. His hawkish views seem to align with those of White House national security adviser John Bolton who has worked toward transforming the NSC into an entity that is hyper-focused on executing the President’s agenda by bringing in more political appointees and reducing the number of career officials on his staff. …

But the same source close to Hill told CNN that her departure leaves a void in an administration that already lacks expertise on European issues.

“There’s a real void now. Add to that the fact that there’s only an acting Assistant Secretary for Europe and still empty Europe slots at DoD … bottom line, the administration has very little capacity on Europe at a time when there’s considerable challenges,” the source said.

Congressional Committee Investigations into Trump 2019

Michael Dreeben, a longtime Justice Department lawyer who had a central role on special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, is leaving the government in the coming weeks, a DOJ spokeswoman confirmed Wednesday.

The 30-year DOJ veteran had been on a sabbatical from his role as deputy solicitor general to work on the Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. There, he successfully fought off legal challenges to Mueller’s appointment in federal court. He also helped beat back a challenge to the special counsel’s use of subpoenas to pry information from reluctant witnesses.


Wish this could be erased…and she would NOT be appointed, but she’s complicit with the Administration AND Stephen Miller’s crooked, zenophobic ideas.

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Photographer Simon Edelman on Being Fired by Trump

Government photographer Simon Edelman was fired by the Trump administration after he leaked a photo of the president’s energy secretary hugging a coal exec


The Customs and Border Protection agency’s acting commissioner, John Sanders, is expected to step down in the coming weeks as the government’s primary border enforcement executive, a federal official said Tuesday, a development that comes as the agency faces continuing public fury over the treatment of detained migrant children.

The news of the resignation came shortly after agency officials disclosed that more than 100 children have been returned to a troubled Border Patrol station in Clint, Tex., a location where a group of lawyers who visited recently said hundreds of minor detainees had been housed for weeks without access to showers, clean clothing, or sufficient food.


A Department of Veterans Affairs health care worker said she received a letter from the agency on Monday notifying her that she would be terminated, just one day before she was scheduled to testify at a congressional hearing about how the VA treats other whistleblowers.

Baltimore psychologist Minu Aghevli said she received the letter, which outlined the VA Maryland Health Care Center’s proposal to terminate her employment, after working for the agency for nearly 20 years.


Another one… OMFG, he was carrying an actual fucking whip around the office?! WTAF!! Seriously :flushed:

The Trump administration official in charge of diplomatic protocol plans to resign and isn’t going to Japan for this week’s Group of 20 meetings, where he would have played a sensitive behind-the-scenes role, according to people familiar with the matter.

Sean Lawler, a State Department official whose title is chief of protocol, is departing amid a possible inspector general’s probe into accusations of intimidating staff and carrying a whip in the office, according to one of the people.

Anyone else picturing this guy?

I’m starting the think we need a :trophy:WTF Hall of Shame Fame thread for these kinds of stories. What do you guys think? @Windthin I feel like that kind of thread might be just your kind of thing, what do you say?


Mercedes Schlapp is leaving WH Communications and going to work with T 2020


Another great place to check who has left the administration…

from our @rusticgorilla

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Have you noticed the unusually large number of people who supposedly get shuffled off into his campaign?

That’s not normal.

Admiral set to take over Navy will instead retire amid allegations of inappropriate professional relationship

Adm. William Moran, the vice chief of naval operations, said in a statement that he will decline his appointment as the next chief of naval operations.

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Given how many of them I pick up, yeah. Some of these guys are real, uh, catches.

As in they need to be caught and imprisoned!

Bill Wehrum, an Author of Trump Administration’s Pro-Coal Rules, to Leave E.P.A.


Britain’s ambassador to the United States, Kim Darroch, has resigned after a series of leaked diplomatic cables revealed he had told 10 Downing Street that the Trump administration was “inept” and “clumsy.”

The resignation, announced by the UK Foreign Office on Wednesday, came after US President Donald Trump said Monday that the White House would no longer deal with Darroch.

The ambassador made his decision to step down after seeing that Boris Johnson, the current frontrunner to replace Theresa May as British Prime Minister, had refused to support him during Tuesday night’s leadership debate, a British government official confirmed to CNN.


A State Department intelligence analyst has resigned in protest after the White House blocked portions of his written testimony to a congressional panel to exclude data and evidence on climate change and its threat to national security, State Department officials said.

The analyst, Rod Schoonover, prepared a written report citing peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and intelligence reports which conclude that climate change could have wide-rangingnational security impacts by contributing to increased humanitarian crises, competition for resources and risk of political instability.

White House officials allowed him to speak to the panel in June, but prohibited him from including evidence and data supporting his assessments in written testimony to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence last month, according to one of the officials familiar with the matter. That cut his written testimony by half, the official said. Ultimately, he didn’t submit a written statement to the panel, unlike two other government witnesses at the hearing.

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Science division of White House office left empty as last staffers depart

EDIT: I missed that this happened in June of 2017; normally I check dates.

Truth to tell, though, that they’ve gone THIS long without scientific expertise, and that it happened so SOON in Trump’s regime, makes the date on this article all the more frightening.


Acosta resigns…:boom:

  • Labor Secretary Alex Acosta said Friday he will resign amid controversy over the way he handled a sex crimes case against wealthy businessman Jeffrey Epstein a decade ago when he was U.S. attorney for southern Florida.


What Trump said about Acosta today:

“He made a deal that people were happy with, and then 12 years later were not happy with it.”

:lying_face: :lying_face: :lying_face:

What “people” were happy with the deal? The victims? No way! They didn’t even know about it. Why? Because Acosta broke the law by not informing them.


The next step is to Fox - a revolving door.


Discussions regarding Dan Coats’ tenure and that he may be ousted and maybe Nunes coming in to take the job.


Trump met with Nunes to talk intel chief replacements

President Donald Trump recently spoke to top House Intelligence Republican Devin Nunes about replacements for the country’s intelligence chief — the latest sign that Dan Coats’ tenure may be short-lived.

Nunes, who grabbed national attention with his controversial allegations of Obama administration surveillance abuses, met with Trump and other senior White House officials last week to discuss who could take over for Coats at the Office of Director of National Intelligence, according to three people familiar with the get-together.

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That is SO disturbing,


NO! Not Nunes! He is such a snake!!