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Who The Fuck Has Sued The Trump Administration



over 7,000 lawsuits?!

Nice find on the beekeeper one @dragonfly9 - I had heard about the EPA’s approval change and assumed it would only be a matter of time before some filed something!

Updated (Lawsuit Dropped September 4, 2019):

Alva Johnson Drops Lawsuit Against President Trump: ‘I’m Fighting Against a Person With Unlimited Resources’ (via The Daily Beast)

Added (Petition For Review Filed September 6, 2019):

US beekeepers file suit against Trump EPA charging ‘illegal’ approval of insecticide linked to mass die-off (via The Raw Story)

Current Record Count: 52


Added (Lawsuit Filed September 5, 2019):

Civil rights groups sue Trump admin over ‘abrupt termination’ of deportation relief for sick people (via The Daily Kos)

Updated (Lawsuit Dismissed By Judge March 15, 2019):
Cockrum v. Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Judge Tosses Lawsuit that Accused Trump Campaign of Conspiring with Russia and WikiLeaks (via Law & Crime)

Updated (Case Decided March 28, 2019, Judge Ruled In Plaintiff’s Favor):
State of New York v. The U.S. Dept. of Labor

Memorandum & Opinion (via Court Listener)

Order on Summary Judgement (via Court Listener)

Current Record Count: 53