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Here is a collaboration between US Defense and NZ Defence Forces of a Classic NZ Maori waiata " Tūtira mai ngā iwi"

New Zealand’s lockdown has had all sorts of unexpected results - but one of the more surprising is a musical partnership between the New Zealand and United States armed forces.

Performers from the navy, army and airforce bands have together produced a version of the waiata Tūtira mai ngā iwi and posted it to YouTube.

The song’s composer was Wiremu Te Tau Huata who was a New Zealand military chaplain to the 28th Maori Battalion. His whānau gave permission for the waiata to be used.

One of the drivers of the project was Staff Sergeant Bryan Andrews of the US Air Force Band of the Pacific.

He told Morning Report that his band usually travel all over the Pacific performing for various audiences. They were supposed to send a team to New Zealand in April but the trip was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tutira mai nga iwi

Maori Songs

Tūtira mai ngā iwi,
tātou tātou e
Tūtira mai ngā iwi,
tātou tātou e
Whai-a te marama-tanga,
me te aroha - e ngā iwi!
Ki-a ko tapa tahi,
Ki-a ko-tahi rā
Tātou tātou e

Tā-tou tā-tou e E!!
Hi aue hei !!!

English Translation

Line up together people
All of us, all of us
Stand in rows people
All of us, all of us
Seek after knowledge
and love of others - everyone
Think as one
Act as one
All of us, all of us

All of us, All of us!!
Hi aue hei !!!


I love these, though maybe the red one is not the best of ideas…




I found this charming and relaxing. Out like a light—sometimes you just a comforting voice. @Windthin this might be your jam too.


Wow. This is neat. And yes, I love unusual and different music and the many ways it can be used. I find with so much time on my hands I am adding to my musical library again, though I need to do some sorting.


Do what they do…

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HoMa’s surf film festival is streaming online.

I loved the Canuck Riders, check it out in the link below. :call_me_hand:

Tonight @7pm H time watch Rising Tide with Zak Noyle, features up and coming Hawaiʻi’s filmmakers.




Go here for some paradise - multiple nature cams all around the world. :smile:


Glad you were able to get a much better diagnosis (than imagined) and were able to walk out essentially well, and just needing aspirin. In this scary time, that is great news.

Thanks for the tips…I had thought about headbands yesterday too.


Where can find info on this…?

Nice job…and it looks like you have that recipe down. Thanks for posting recipe.

I was learning these past few weeks about baking bread, and looks like I can do this one too. Free 6 day class on instagram @ gourmandisela videos here
It is the sourdough which is the challenge…and scouting around where to find some decent wheat flour which has been off the shelves is tricky.

Slow and easy wins the race.

Thanks for posting @Pet_Proletariat and @matt…way to hunker down WTF-style. :smiley: