(Matt Kiser) #1

Welcome to Who The Fuck Is The Resistance, an interview series highlighting what the WTFJHT community is doing to resist and exist.


Who are you?
My name is Patricia Dahlman. I am an artist and activist, and with Michael Dal Cerro, I organized IMPEACH, an online art exhibition of 20 artists’ artwork. I participate in demonstrations and rallies in the NYC area and in Washington, DC.

What are you doing?
I make anti-Trump artwork and have made two online anti-Trump art exhibitions with Michael Dal Cerro. My goal is to impeach Trump and Pence and help make a better world.

Where can people can find you?

When did you start?
We’ve made several other online political art exhibitions such as, OUTRAGE: Artists Respond to the Election of Donald Trump and Art for Health Care Reform.

Doing these online art exhibitions is a way to get artists’ views and work seen by a number of people and communities, and – hopefully – connect, educate, and persuade.

Why are you doing this?
Art is powerful and there needs to be more compelling anti-Trump art work out there. I am not seeing enough.

How did you get started?
I contacted artists to see if they would like to participate in IMPEACH. A number of artists were pleased and excited to be included. I gave them a three week deadline to send me one or two images of their work. After we got the images Michael Dal Cerro and I worked on making the site. Michael was the webmaster and together we organized the exhibition on the site. When completed, I sent IMPEACH out by email and also put it on Facebook.

How do you fight political fatigue?
To fight fatigue it helps to hear good news. If something good happens for the Democrats I find I am energized.

What are your three favorite books or websites you use to stay informed?
I listen to NPR most of my awake hours. I read WTF. I also read my brother’s blog Trump World - a blog on politics and the new administration.