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🗳 2020 General Election - Trump vs Biden

Listen to the multitudes of fact-checks from CNN’s Daniel Dale for tonight’s town hall on ABC tonight.
Lots of exaggerations and false claims.




Trump’s ABC town hall: President faces tough questions on coronavirus response, health care, racial injustice

Highlights from the town hall with Trump and uncommitted voters in Philadelphia

Click link for highlight reel, spoiler Trump gets defensive.


Recent polls

Reported from CNN

And if you put it in percentages…see how much better it looks - per Sec of Commerce Wilbur Ross

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Hmmm, I would like to point out there we’re no longer experiencing the 2019 economy. Unemployment is currently at a high of 8.4 percent.


Turning Point USA is just a troll farm for Trump, paying kids to talk shit about Democrats on FB.

Pro-Trump youth group enlists teens in secretive campaign likened to a ‘troll farm,’ prompting rebuke by Facebook and Twitter

Teenagers, some of them minors, are being paid to pump out the messages at the direction of Turning Point Action, an affiliate of Turning Point USA, the prominent conservative youth organization based in Phoenix, according to four people with independent knowledge of the effort. Their descriptions were confirmed by detailed notes from relatives of one of the teenagers who recorded conversations with him about the efforts.

The campaign draws on the spam-like behavior of bots and trolls, with the same or similar language posted repeatedly across social media. But it is carried out, at least in part, by humans paid to use their own accounts, though nowhere disclosing their relationship with Turning Point Action or the digital firm brought in to oversee the day-to-day activity. One user included a link to Turning Point USA’s website in his Twitter profile until The Washington Post began asking questions about the activity.


You are right. It is always all for show. Thanks for pointing that out.


Biden has leads in Maine, N. Carolina and Arizona where voters are very disapproving of T’s handling of the pandemic. And all three Dem Senate candidates are leading for those states.

Virus Pulls Down Trump, Poll Shows, and G.O.P. Senators Suffer With Him

A New York Times/Siena College survey showed Joe Biden leading President Trump by wide margins in Maine and Arizona, and effectively tied in North Carolina. Susan Collins trailed her Democratic rival in Maine’s Senate race.

President Trump’s mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic has imperiled both his own re-election and his party’s majority in the Senate, and Republican lawmakers in crucial states like Arizona, North Carolina and Maine have fallen behind their Democratic challengers amid broad disapproval of the president, according to a poll conducted by The New York Times and Siena College.

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. led Mr. Trump by wide margins in Arizona, where he was ahead by nine percentage points, and Maine, where he led by 17 points. The race was effectively tied in North Carolina, with Mr. Biden ahead by one point, 45 percent to 44 percent.

In all three states, Democratic Senate candidates were leading Republican incumbents by five percentage points or more. Senator Susan Collins of Maine, a Republican seeking a fifth term, is in a difficult battle against Sara Gideon, trailing by five points as voters there delivered a damning verdict on Mr. Trump’s stewardship: By a 25-point margin, 60 percent to 35 percent, they said they trusted Mr. Biden over Mr. Trump on the issue of the pandemic.

The poll, conducted among likely voters, suggests that the most endangered Republican lawmakers have not managed to convince many voters to view them in more favorable terms than the leader of their party, who remains in political peril with less than 50 days remaining in the campaign. Democrats appear well positioned to gain several Senate seats, and most voters say they would prefer to see the White House and Senate controlled by the same party. But it is not yet clear that Democrats are on track to gain a clear majority, and their hopes outside the races tested in the poll largely depend on winning in states Mr. Trump is likely to carry.

In the swing states, Mr. Trump is still lagging across the board. The Times has polled seven presidential battlegrounds in the last two weeks, and the president has not led in any of them, and in no state did he amass more than 44 percent of the vote. Though he has repeatedly tried to shift the focus away from the virus, he has not established a meaningful advantage over Mr. Biden on any issue of equal urgency: Voters see Mr. Trump as somewhat more credible on issues of the economy and public order than on the pandemic, but not to the point of offsetting their overall disapproval of him.

While Maine exhibited the widest gap over the handling of the virus, voters in North Carolina, the closest presidential swing state polled so far by The Times, also preferred Mr. Biden, by 52 percent to 41 percent. In Arizona, the difference was even more lopsided, with voters favoring Mr. Biden by 16 percentage points.


Trump denied Puerto Rico funding for years as a racist, retaliatory measure & tried to SELL the island, and its American citizens, for Greenland.

And now, desperate to win an election, he offers a bribe.

'I’m the best thing that ever happened to Puerto Rico’: Trump after releasing long-overdue hurricane aid

Trump announces billions in aid for Puerto Rico although he once called it “one of the most corrupt places on earth”

Trump Administration Announces Nearly $13 Billion In Aid For Puerto Rico

Trump Administration Grants $11.6 Billion in Aid to Puerto Rico

Funds come as the island continues to recover from 2017’s Hurricane Maria—and as Trump, Biden vie for Florida’s Latino voters


Trump-backed FEC chair: 2020 election amounts to a ‘spiritual war’

It’s inherently problematic when the head of the Federal Elections Commission sees the current election cycle as “a spiritual war.”

FEC Chairman Sees Election As ‘Spiritual War’ Against ‘Flat-Out Anarchy’

FEC chairman, in interviews, says this year’s election amounts to a ‘spiritual war’

FEC Chair Says There’s No Separation of Church and State, Calls 2020 Election a ‘Spiritual War’


Long lines and hand sanitizer on the first day of early voting for general election

“I’ve always said that I wanted to be the first person to vote against Donald Trump,” said Miller, 33. “I just couldn’t wait. I just couldn’t. . . . And for four years I have waited to do this, so here I am.”

Early voting for the November election kicked off Friday in four states as voters showed up in person to cast their ballots, driven by a sense of urgency about the divisive presidential election, growing unease over the timely delivery of mail ballots, and fear of exposure to the novel coronavirus at the polls on Election Day.

By this weekend, as many as 20 states will have begun some form of general election voting by mailing out absentee ballots or allowing people to cast them in person, giving Americans an opportunity to make their selections for president and other offices long before Nov. 3.



The difference is amazing.






Yo :money_mouth_face:


Related campaign funds coming in as a result of RBG’s passing…and a real push to get Mitch, and others. Amy McGrath’s campaign made $9 million according to a friend in KY watching her campaign, but she still lags behind Mitch.

Push is so on…


We donated, well my partner donated and forgot to tell me, so when I checked the account the next day, I thought I had blacked out and somehow made the donation in a fit of rage. So I sheepishly apologized and he was all, no we’re good, that was me. :flushed::hugs: he’s a keeper


Good for you guys, and a ‘all in the same’ boat coincidental sequence of giving…

I got riled up too and have been incrementally giving to the Dems, along with food banks and fire relief. This kind of awfulness needs our dollars and attention.

The Dems that I do connect with via phone bank are already voting (VA) or prepared to (MN, NY)
There is a TON of passion and disgust which is similar to what we feel - “We gotta do something. Like right NOW.” :boom:


We didn’t donate much in the primary, some but not a lot, wanted to save it for the general. Bought more primary merch tho. I did order a sign Biden/Harris 2020 sign for our house, it’ll look nice under my pride flag. It’s time to put it all out there, show support. It’s time for people to show up.


Maybe it’s nothing, but it seems like RBG’s passing might be the greatest gift Trump could have been given for the election, because people who may otherwise not have voted for him or Senate GOP may do so now because the Supreme Court seat would be instrumental in killing choice basically forever.

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Uncertain of the viability of this article, given it’s Newsweek and the poll seems to be a very small sample size from a specific network; a really good poll would be across several mediums.

Though Most LGBTQs Vote Democratic, New Poll Shows 45% of Queer Men Backing Trump

A recent survey of 1,200 queer men in the United States found that 45 percent planned on voting for Republican President Donald Trump. Comparatively, 51 percent said they would vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The poll’s results fall very close to recent national polling showing 50 percent of voters supporting Biden and 43 percent supporting Trump.

The poll, conducted by the queer men’s social app Hornet, actually asked 10,000 of its users worldwide about their preferred presidential candidate. But while 66 percent of worldwide users supported Biden and 34 percent supported Trump, the percentages among U.S. men were much closer.

Of the 1,200 men living in the United States, 49 percent said that they do not support Trump at all and 11 percent said they disagree with him on most issues. Nine percent said they agree with Trump on some issues and disagree with him on others. Only 27 percent of U.S.-based respondents said they either mostly or fully supported Trump.

However, 10 percent of the U.S. men who said they “do not support [Trump] at all” said that they will vote for him regardless.

When user responses were broken out continentally, the majority of queer men on every continent supported Biden more than Trump by margins of 54 to 25 percent.

Hornet users in every country, except for two, also supported Biden over Trump. The only two countries to do otherwise were Taiwan, where 47 percent supported Biden and 51 percent supported Trump, and Russia, where 38 percent supported Biden and 58 percent supported Trump.

Exit polls from the 2016 presidential elections found that at least 75 percent of LGBTQ voters supported Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over Trump. A reported 14 percent favored Trump.

Soon after the 2016 election, NBC News interviewed some LGBTQ voters from that 14 percent contingent to find that most were more concerned about issues of gun rights, undocumented immigration, job creation and stopping Islamic radicals moreso than Trump’s goals for the LGBTQ community.

Though Trump was lauded by some Republicans for mentioning the LGBTQ community during his speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention, his administration has repeatedly rolled back pre-existing LGBTQ rights and written amicus briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court in support of anti-gay discrimination.

Hornet’s male users may not reflect the larger LGBTQ community which largely votes Democrat, and LGBTQ voters may have soured on Trump having seen his administration’s handling of queer issues.

Recent polling also suggests that most LGBTQ voters will oppose Trump. A June 2020 poll of more than 30,000 registered voters conducted by the technology company Morning Consult found that 53 percent of LGBTQ-identified voters favored Biden and only 20 percent favored Trump.