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2020 General Election


We’re not fucked just because of the Koch’s, were fucked because the boomers won’t vote for pro environmental candidates like Inslee.


The New York Times seems surprised by the crowd size for Democratic candidates. They must not have been to any of the big record breaking marches in the past two years.


Howard Schultz is the new Jeb! candidate.
Please clap.


Everyone should just start running, it’s enough already. Weekend poll below :point_down:


Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg gave a really great town hall this weekend. Watch below :point_down:

(Sorry the sound quality is terrible, if anyone else finds a better link post it below)


I think it was Booker who quipped that 2020 stands for the number who are going to run. :slightly_smiling_face: I found it amusing.


The 2020 Democratic National Convention will take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez announced Monday, a decision that comes after Hillary Clinton narrowly lost the critical state to Donald Trump in 2016.

between July 13 and 16


Rising star

(Matt Kiser) #51

Is he the one who drank franking water or was that somebody else? I can’t keep track of all these people


I don’t think he drinks fracking water. Mayor Pete is the “Millennial” candidate. He’s my favorite underdog/rising star.

A member of the Democratic Party, Buttigieg is a graduate of Harvard University, a Rhodes Scholar, and a veteran of the War in Afghanistan.[4]He is competing for the party’s nomination in the 2020 presidential election, and is the first openly gayDemocratic candidate ever to run for President of the United States.[5] If elected, he would be the first openly gay president as well as the youngest.

Name Pronounced: buddha-judge


:smile: That was John Hickenlooper.

Denver Business Journal
September 10, 2013

Hickenlooper offers new details on drinking Halliburton’s frack fluid

“Was it in a martini glass? Where there little umbrellas?” Hickenlooper asked with a smile.

No, is the answer. It was a screw-top jar of CleanStim, a new kind of fluid used in hydraulic fracturing that Halliburton … a global oil service company, had developed using food-grade additives, Hickenlooper said.

BTW, I’m seriously contemplating drafting a preliminary plan to form a committee to explore the possibility of announcing my availability as a candidate for President. :wink:

(Matt Kiser) #54

Ah yes! That’s the one! Thanks!


Beto is running you guys

The former El Paso Congressman will make the announcement on Thursday morning, but he confirmed via text to KTSM Wednesday afternoon that he is seeking the Democratic nomination.

The Hill confirms

Here’s his Vanity Fair cover story.


First day in Iowa for Beto


Wtf? Beto was a phreaker?



Just declare already!


Good for Mayor Pete


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York officially joined the 2020 presidential race on Sunday, declaring in an announcement video that America needs “a leader who makes big, bold, brave choices,” and that she is that leader.

Click tweet to watch her launch video :point_down:


Warren really shines in these townhall events. She’s laid out more policy tonight than the entire democratic field as a whole. If you like true policy wonks, she’s worth a listen. CNN live feed and highlights below :point_down:


Kirsten Gillibrand —“there’s no such thing as an illegal human!” :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: Gillibrand is interesting, she has the strongest voting record against Trump of any of the Democratic candidates and currently holds the same seat that Secretary Clinton formerly held in New York. Highlights from her townhall event below. :point_down: