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Biden says he’ll contest the Democratic nomination if no one gets a majority of delegates

If Sanders leads in delegates but doesn’t have a majority, Biden said he’ll fight for the nomination.

I actually believe a Battle Royale at the convention will be good for the party. It’s going to generate a colossal amount of buzz and increase Democratic voter interest and turnout come November.

Coming off a resounding victory in South Carolina, former Vice President Joe Biden addressed the possibility of a contested convention, sending a clear message to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who currently leads in the delegate count, and who has argued a candidate ought to only need a plurality — not a majority, as party rules dictate — of pledged delegates to become the nominee.

Speaking on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday, Biden said that he would fight for the presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee in July if Sanders leads in the delegate count but does not have at least 1,991 pledged delegates, a number that constitutes a majority.

“The rules have been set,” Biden said. “You don’t change the rules in the middle of the game.”

With analysts beginning to argue that it is unlikely any candidate will have a majority of delegates before the convention, Sanders has begun to challenge these rules.

At a CNN town hall in late February, for instance, Sanders said, “If I or anybody else goes into the Democratic convention with a substantial plurality, I believe that individual, me or anyone else, should be the candidate of the Democratic Party.”

:popcorn: I’m voting Blue, no matter who. :ocean:

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Pete Buttigieg to Quit Democratic Presidential Race


BTW, I’m not posting this an endorsement of Biden – I’m voting Blue, no matter who. IMO, this is good news for the entire Democratic party. Hear that roar in the distance? It’s the sound of a Blue tsunami! :ocean:

South Carolina’s presidential primary may signal a shift in the Democratic race, not just because of who won but because of who voted.

Around 528,000 South Carolinians turned out in the 2020 Democratic primary, a remarkable show of voter engagement compared to four years ago. Former vice president Joe Biden ran up his totals in black communities but also won areas dominated by groups he has struggled to connect with, notably white and higher income voters. These areas showed some of the largest turnout increases in the state.

Overall, South Carolina’s vote total was a massive increase over the 373,000 turnout for 2016 and nearly matched the votes cast in Obama’s 2008 primary win.

Percentage change in votes by precinct, 2016 vs. 2020 Democratic primary

According to exit polling, Biden won 61 percent of black voters. These voters made up more than half of the electorate, and they were easily the most important block for his victory. However, a precinct-level analysis by The Post shows that while statewide turnout increased by about 40 percent over 2016, the parts of the state that saw the largest spikes were the most white and upper income.

Biden’s 29-point margin among these demographics may be surprising given his poor performances in Iowa and New Hampshire. The size of his win suggests he attracted different types of energized Democratic voters, or at least resisted inroads from other candidates.

Across the core of Biden’s geographic base, the precincts with the highest concentration of blacks, the number of voters jumped by a quarter over the 2016 Democratic primary. At Orangeburg’s Brookdale Elementary School precinct, south of Columbia and a mile from historically black South Carolina State University, 589 people voted, 154 more than four years ago, and Biden won by more than 60 percentage points. Biden won every precinct in this group, which includes swaths of rural areas as well as cities and towns.

Turnout jumped even more, more than doubling from 2016, in precincts with the most whites. These areas include coastal communities like Charleston, with some of the wealthiest parts of the state, as well as the Charlotte suburbs near Rock Hill and the far western foothills. About half of the 160 precincts that Sanders won are in this group, and his supporters may be credited for some of the added voters.


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Ok Klobuchar is out…and she’s going with Biden.


This is not a Superdelegate we want - who as a lobbyist who gets paid by some R events.

A Democratic superdelegate promoting an effort to stop Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., if he fails to clinch a majority of pledged delegates is a health care lobbyist who has contributed thousands to Republicans.

William Owen, a former Tennessee lawmaker and Democratic National Committee member, was among the superdelegates quoted in a New York Times article revealing an effort among party insiders to block Sanders’ path to the nomination if he wins a plurality of pledged delegates but not enough to secure a win on a first ballot.

Owen also owns the lobbying firm Asset & Equity Corporations and donated $8,500 to the Senators Classic Committee, a joint fundraising committee backing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and more than a dozen other Republicans like Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., last year, according to Federal Election Commission filings first flagged by The Intercept. He has also donated to Sen. Mike Rounds, R-S.D., and Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, according to the report.

I am a committed Democrat, but as a lobbyist, there are times when I need to have access to both sides. And the way to get access quite often is to make campaign contributions," he told the outlet. “I**'m a registered lobbyist, and I represent clients. And they have interest in front of Congress, and I attend the Senator’s Classic, which is a Republican event, each year.”**


Here’s some ways to watch the counts on Super Tuesday…

And what to watch for…

How much does Joe Biden dominate the South?

Can Elizabeth Warren hold her home state?

Bloomberg spent more than $660 million, and what did he get?

Texas could determine the overall winner

Early vote versus late count in California

Ok…we’ve got several hours before any results come in…it’s a waiting game.


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Mentionable News

T country…and T’s whipping boy*/AG did not come back with flying colors…

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions will face former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville in a fierce Republican runoff election, CNN projects, pitting the man who held the seat for 20 years against a political neophyte.

The race is viewed as the Republicans’ best opportunity to pick up a Senate seat in the country. The outstanding question now is whether President Donald Trump will try to pick that Republican, and choose Tuberville over Sessions, his old punching bag, before the March 31 runoff.

The Alabama While the President remained quiet during the race, he had publicly mocked and ultimately fired Sessions: Trump once said he would’ve nominated someone else for attorney general if he knew Sessions would recuse himself from overseeing the Department of Justice investigation into Russian interference of the 2016 election (Sessions served as a top official on the Trump campaign).

*Just to be on the PC side I looked up meaning of

whipping boy (from wiki)= Whipping Boy was, supposedly, a boy educated alongside a prince (or boy monarch) in early modern Europe, who received corporal punishment for the prince’s transgressions in his presence

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Bloomberg out!!!

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Apparently Shaun King made a claim that Rachel Maddow said the primary was being rigged against Biden and got taken down like Bloomburg in a debate.

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Shame on The Hill.

Trump didn’t run “uncontested.”

His mafia-like takeover of the GOP included squashing several attempts to primary him by canceling primaries, and even without that this is a ludicrous attempt at sucking up.

After a little more digging:

Despite the fact that the author here is supposed to be the RNC press secretary that article lists her as “the national press secretary for President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.” It looks a bit sketchy to me, truth to tell.And the ONE thing here she doesn’t provide any sourcing for is this claim: “Trump’s vote totals beat every past incumbent’s total in the last four decades.” I can find no proof of this, and a search of that phrase only pulls up right-wing propaganda.

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Warren’s unfortunate thud during the Super Tuesday multi-state vote makes her now very much teetering for any place in the Presidential campaign. Except for the fact that any of her voters if she dropped out now, would probably go to Bernie and the more mainstream Dems would hate that.

Her ad buys from a super Pac will be stopping shortly as March 10th…so now what.

This past weekend, the campaign and allies predicted that the field winnowing would redound to Warren’s benefit. It didn’t.

The campaign also has financial constraints that come with a unionized staff of over 1,000 people — the largest field operation in the race besides Mike Bloomberg’s — even after raising $29 million in February. With a payroll at over $6 million per month, the campaign likely needs to keep at least several million dollars on hand to cover paychecks, benefits, and other assorted shutdown costs to avoid going into debt. Warren was able to raise a significant amount of that money with her strong debate performances, but there is not another debate until March 15.

The super PAC that provided over $12 million in air cover to Warren ahead of Super Tuesday also has said it is not placing ad buys for March 10. Warren herself has no public events planned until Friday. Perhaps anticipating that the night would go poorly, she did not give a traditional election night speech but rather held a regular town hall in Detroit, which votes next week, just as results began to roll in. She hardly mentioned the elections happening Tuesday.


Schumer persuades Montana Governor and popular Democrat, Steve Bullock, to run for Senate :clap:

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock is making plans to run for the US Senate, telling Democratic leaders that he intends to declare his candidacy in the coming days, a decision that improves the party’s chances for winning a majority in the Senate.

Two Democratic officials familiar with the matter tell CNN that Bullock, who briefly ran for president in 2020, is now opening a door that he repeatedly insisted was closed. For months, Bullock bluntly said he had no interest in serving in the US Senate and would not be on the Montana ballot this fall.

In recent weeks, Bullock’s resistance to a Senate campaign has eased, the officials said, with his family now warming to the idea. In conversations with party leaders, he has also cited the gravity of the times and the importance of Democrats trying to win back the chamber. Bullock would face Republican Sen. Steve Daines, who has built up an impressive $5 million war chest.

Bullock is expected to make his announcement before the filing deadline on Monday.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer flew to Montana to personally urge Bullock to run, according to Politico.