WTF Community

A note of appreciation

Early into the postings at WTF, I relaxed my own Journaling about this craziness and was able to relax because you guys took on the daily burden and toxicity. You chronicled more effectively than my broken thoughts and notes. Your persistent daily entries educated and framed the daily assaults and blunders.
Mostly, however, I found your postings and later, those of the community, provided a daily remind not to accept any of this tyranny as a new normal, or acceptable behavior. That year after year we sustain our right to be offended by indignities and harassment. And, that we can send this clown and his cronies a big “fucking A no”, with a huge chorus joining in.
I remember asking you to bind and print your work here. So glad to know you will. I will say " bless you and stay strong."


Thanks! Glad you’re along for the ride!


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