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A potential list of goals Trump seems to be following

This seems to be a copy of the agenda Trump seems to be pursuing. I found it linked to on a Reddit thread expressing regret over Trump’s rescinding Obama-era checks for mental illness as part of the process of obtaining a gun.

Most of it is deregulation and abolishing agencies that provide public services.


Wow! Not only do we need checks for mental fitness for obtaining guns, we need them (even more!) for electing a president & vice president! :exploding_head:

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At least the next POTUS will know exactly where to start to make their reforms.
p.s. I hate the orange thing in the White House more than is imaginable.


So do I, and I’ve never felt this way about anyone, ever. He’s truly “inspiring”. :grimacing:
But it’s for good reason, because we can SEE he is pure evil, throughout every thing he says & touches.

It’s NOT “the same” as the right felt about Obama…that was just their blind prejudice talking, not him
selling out our country to Russia & “white supremacy” & behaving abominably. Men this despicable
don’t come along every day, thankfully!