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Alexa, WTF Just Happened Today?

Own an Echo, add the skill. :+1:


Enabled, thanks to your enabler, Matt.

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I’m loving this feature. Thank you Matt! I now have WTF in my daily briefing (Alexa will give you the news, weather and whatever else you request when you ask her for your briefing). While I try to read the newsletter, some days, I just don’t get to it. So, it’s great that I can listen while getting dressed. And for what it’s worth, I think Matt found a great announcer. He sounds likable, credible and calm. If you all have Alexa on your phone (you can add her now), your Kindle, or own an echo, fire stick for a tv, or fire tv, you can get the various Alexa apps, including the one for WTF. My only criticism is the fact that you’ve bleeped out F*ck. But I understand why. Hell, if Sarah Huckabee Sander’s kid can use it to order a Batman toy (unbeknownst to her), then there are other kids that may hear the bad language. For what it’s worth, parents can select a parental control function on the Echo; too bad she didn’t read the instructions when she received it. But then, I’m sure the $80 cost hardly seems worth mentioning when you are advocating for a $25 billion investment for a wall. Frankly, Batman sounds like more fun.