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All things IMPEACHMENT - Impeachment Inquiries, Who's IN? Dems, R's, Whistleblowers actions



Today September 24th, 2019 may be the closest we have come to expect that Impeachment of DJ Trump may be an actual event.

We expect to hear from Pelosi about it…First up we think she will ask for a formal Impeachment Inquiry

More than 161 Dems/I have said they are for Impeachment…but Dems will need more than 208? Votes

Of the 235 Democrats in the House, there are at least 160 for Impeachment, and 161 including Rep Amash (I/Formerly R)

Let’s hear what Pelosi has to say…

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Who supports an impeachment inquiry against Trump?


Why do we need a separate thread? I made on one just for this purpose.


I am thinking we get caught between the two areas to post…Congressional Investigations and the day of…ie, Day 977. One area to post any breaking developments.

This is a pretty big topic, like the Mueller Report…so in my mind, I think yes.


The whole point was to end it with impeachment. This messes up my whole thing I was doing. I already pull for three threads to update my 5 wiki posts. I don’t want to have to follow another. Doesn’t make sense.


You are a moderator…it is up to you.

I think we have reached a Next Level with a lot of moving parts.


Which is why I’ve been preparing with the five wiki threads. I wanted to get it all, the whole story. All the moving parts. I worked so hard on those for last six months just so we’d actually have something comprehensible to show at the end. This just feels insulting.


By all means take it down…
…and thank you for all your work…

Please make it clear where these are…am not necessarily aware of where they are, and I assume, they recap the day’s events.

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