All Things Trump/Russia! (Resources)


When you see the President’s shifting statements on the Russia investigation organized in a clearly documented list like this, you can’t help but say “damn, this guy acts guilty.”

One observation: The “Pardons” section lays out the President’s flip-flops on this topic. While reading this, I was reminded of one startling answer that Whitaker gave during his recent testimony (to me, this was a real bombshell yet it received scant media attention). Watch the moment here.

Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-Tex.): Did you ever create, direct the creation of, see or become aware of the existence of any documents relating to pardons of any individual?

Whitaker: I am aware of documents relating to pardons of individuals, yes.

It’s a shame there was no follow up on this exchange (Escobar’s time expired and no one else returned to the subject). There’s a chance Whitaker was talking about pardon documents unrelated to the Russia investigation, but to me, the context strongly suggests his remarks did indeed refer to at least one of the cast of characters charged by Mueller.


:bangbang:️ Court rules that Manafort breached his plea agreement. Court doc. :eyes::point_down:


Judge Amy Jackson is going to throw the book at Manafort…

Defined now as a liar and time now for some jail.


Manafort is :notes: fucked :notes:

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