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🇷🇺 All Things Trump/Russia! (Resources)

One-stop shopping for Trump/Russia resources!

ADDED - CNN: Tracking the Russia Investigation: This interactive tracks the publicly known developments of the Trump/Russia investigations.

ADDED - WaPo Trump/Russia Timeline: What Trump was saying about Russia and Putin — and what the campaign was doing

Committee to Investigate Russia: a interactive website to understand Russia’s interference in our democracy

Hamilton 68: Tool created by Clint Watts with Secure Democracy, it’s a dashboard that tracks Russian Propaganda (aka what Putin wants Americans talking about)

The Moscow Project (a Center for American Progress project): crowdsourcing the investigation of links between Trump & Russia, includes a complete annotated dossier and Trump/Russia timeline (updated on a ongoing basis).

Vox’s Trump/Russia Story Stream: a timeline of all Trump/Russia articles

CNN’s Who’s Who: the cast of characters in the Trump/Russia investigation

Other Resources:

Updated: 12/21/17


Twitter (that’s where all the news breaks anyway, nowadays!)

Best People to follow on Twitter for all things Trump/Russia:
@MalcolmNance - Intelligence & Terrorism expert
@RVAwonk - Behavioral Scientist
@selectedwisdom (Clint Watts) - Fellow at FPRI & Sr Fellow at Center For Cyber & Homeland Security
@benjaminwittes - Sr Fellow at Brookings, Editor in Chief for Lawfare Blog
@McFaul - Former Ambassador to Russia (under Obama)
@mikercarpenter - Former DASD for Russia/Ukraine at DOD (Obama admin)
@brhodes - Former Foreign Policy Advisor to Obama
@juliaioffe - Journalist at The Atlantic (originally from Russia)

Journalists who cover Trump/Russia frequently:
@maggieNYT - NY Times
@GlennThrush - NY Times
@costareports - WaPo
@PhilipRucker - WaPo
@shaneharris - WSJ

Trump’s Twitter Account Archive:

Here is the google doc link if you are interested:


This is great! Thanks for collecting. This reminds me: I should put together a Trump-Russia news timeline… :thinking:


Holy crap @mouseam this is thorough, nice!

Ooh one person I’d love to add to your to-follow list on Twitter is @sarahkendzior, she’s fucking amazing.

Agreed! There are many different trackers out there, I tried to trim it down based on how comprehensive it is, user friendliness and frequency of updates. Otherwise, I’d go mad checking 100x different sources! :grin:

Thank you!

Ah, yes I did forget her! I follow her but don’t have her on my go-to is lists for news items, just because the volume of tweets sometimes can be overwhelming on a short list. :flushed:


@mouseam Great list! Very helpful to have all these resources in one place.

Another that might be good is the Trump Twitter Archive, which is useful to search for the inevitable contradictory tweet to literally everything Trump says (because there is always one):


Thank you, @catone!

As I like to say, it’s the same as physics - for every new Trump tweet, there is an equal and opposite old tweet.


Factbase is another excellent searchable archive of Trump-related information—not just tweets and deleted tweets, but also includes news interviews, video transcripts, White House statements, financial disclosures, and other documents. Most are tagged with keywords, persons/places/entities, and even sentiment analysis on some video segments. It also provides common associated topics with search query results.


:point_down:t3: Updated with an important resource that just launched today.

Committee to Investigate Russia: a interactive website to understand Russia’s interference in our democracy

Today, the Committee to Investigate Russia was launched by most notably former DNI James Clapper. It’s a non-partisan, non-profit effort designed to help Americans understand and recognize the scope and scale of Russia’s continuing attacks on our democracy.

Advisory Board:
James Clapper - Former Director of National Intelligence
Max Boot - Military Historian and Foreign Policy Analyst
Norman Ornstein - American Enterprise Institute Resident Scholar
Rob Reiner - Director, Actor, and Activist
Charles Sykes - Conservative Commentator

Update 10/8: CIR has added quite a few notable people to its advisory board since its launch.

Evelyn Farkas - Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia/Ukraine/Eurasia
General Michael Hayden - Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency
Michael Morell - Former Acting Director of the CIA
Leon Panetta - Former Secretary of Defense, Former Director of the CIA, and Former White House Chief of Staff
Clint Watts - Foreign Policy Research Institute Fellow, Former FBI Agent and co-creator of Hamilton 68


:point_down:t3: Updated with some great resources I’ve come across in the past few weeks.

CNN: Tracking the Russia Investigation: This interactive tracks the publicly known developments of the sprawling investigations into Trump and Russia – and probably represents a slice of what has actually taken place.

CNN’s interactive timeline is excellent – it is in timeline format and you can filter by “actor” (could be a person, org, etc) and type of development (charges, warrants, subpoenas, testimony and documents).

WaPo Trump/Russia Timeline: What Trump was saying about Russia and Putin — and what the campaign was doing

Washington Post created an interactive timeline from multiple resources that overlays three components in a chronological format.

  • What Trump has said about Putin
  • What Trump said about Russian interference in the election
  • What is happening in the Trump/Russia orbit

Check out @Kasparov63 ‏. Garry Kasparov - former Soviet/world chess champion. Now a champion for human rights everywhere and very knowledgeable about Putin and what he is up to.

Wired article on the Democratic response to the Nunes memo.

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Still no movement from the President to protect the US power grid from Russian hackers. However, I did find this quote reassuring.

Can Americans feel confident the U.S. grid is protected? “Very much so,” Aaronson said. “The electric power sector takes a lot of different measures to protect our systems.” That includes operating power plants without digital controls, just like in the old days, he said.


(per the NPR interview) Geez, did anyone find that very reassuring? - me either. I worked for a Biotech firm for 12 years but prior to that I worked for an “automated controls engineering firm” they made sensors and controls for automated systems. The main customers were any place needing to automate functions; could be the postal service, UPS, car makers and utilities. The big push at the time was ‘smart controls’ and open systems, PLC with communication of smart nodes on the factory floor, etc. Since this was around 96-2001 and the internet was the new shiny thing, most of the engineers were thinking how great it would be to control operations from a portable device without being on site just before mobile phones became common. I am sure any ideas of security needs was more than just passwords - hopefully. But if so many ransomware frauds have been due to old operating systems and poor passwords like using old Windows systems what is to say this isn’t also happening at utility systems… and voting systems?

Of course, my other big paranoid thoughts are that there are at least a few GOP House members in office that also have Russian PAC money that they want to remain hidden and are protecting their own asses with their complicit silence or their completely horrid accusations of the FBI and the DOJ.


Bingo, you found the problem. Could you please explain PLC’s for the folks who don’t know what they are and how they are used?

PLC or Programmable Logic Controller is kind of like a computer as a desktop user might know it but it is what is used industrially to get factory automation to ‘happen’. Allen Bradley is probably the largest manufacturer although there are many others and these units were used and designed prior to any thoughts of an internet threat. Most factor automation from the 1990 and before are 'open source in this case just getting to it - even via an online PC is enough to interfere with it. This is how we 'suxneted" Iran, fyi.

Smart nodes are part of a wiring network you might find industrially that are the hamburger helper to the PLC adding ‘switching’ mechanisms that of a higher order than a simple relay yet are not a full PLC or computer. Most of these work with programs like Profibus and other automated factory programs.

Does this help or is it more confusing?


@Maxfacter I think it’s still confusing. I’m wondering how we could break this down even more? Also, I wanted to add the alert Homeland Security posted on this issue. It contains a lot of code and a few screen shots of the affected systems. :thinking:

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