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WaPo Trump Fact Checker

I knew that WaPo had some sort of database (because lordy, how could you keep track of them all?) for all of Trump’s lies, but I’ve never actually used their interactive database before.

It’s pretty amazing.


I am fed up with all the politicians who just can not tell the truth, the president especially. He wants to take credit for everything when n reality he has done nothing to make America great again what a joke…
he is constantly pumping himself up and wants to undermine everything Obama did. WTF is his trip? Is he so insecure about his ability to run the country that he has to boast and brag about how he has accomplished more in his first 8 months than ANY OTHER ADMINISTRATION LIES ,LIES, AND MORE LIES… The insanity of it all has got to stop.
I apologize for carrying on like that but sometimes i need an outlet to say how i really feel. Thanks Matt

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That’s a great resource. I check it every once in a while just to see what the count is… Averaging 5 lies per day is a lot!

Tracking Trump Trackers & Checkers :grin:

New York Times has a tracker on Trump’s lies too:

They also have a tracker on all the people, places, and things Trump has insulted via Twitter:

Some graphs/stats on the subjects of his Twitter rants:

Tracker and analysis of Trump’s tweets by themes, providing context and responses from others:

Politifact’s curated list of articles fact-checking news related to Trump (includes

NYT’s tracker, stats, & timeline on number of visits to Trump’s own properties and number of days he’s visited a golf course:

A tracker fact-checking Trump’s jobs claims:

Tracker and timeline on all of Trump’s reported conflicts of interest and ethics violations:

Tracker on Trump’s more prominent and obvious conflicts of interest (a select group of conflicts described in more detail):

Tracking the Trump Administration’s deviations from “the political norm”:

Tracker on Trump’s attacks on environmental policies and climate action:

Tracker on Trump’s attacks on science (more broadly):

Tracking how Members of Congress vote in alignment with or against Trump:

Tracker on Trump’s attacks on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare):

Tracker on Trump’s creeping authoritarianism and autocratic tendencies:

Tracker for all of the notable people Trump has fired, threatened to fire, or who have resigned:

Tracker on the number of vacant positions in government still requiring Trump’s nomination and Senate confirmation:

Tracking Trump’s job approval ratings (aggregated polls):

Tracking progress on 60 of Trump’s campaign promises:

Another tracker and timeline for campaign promises Trump fulfilled so far:

Tracker on Trump’s major policy achievements (or lack thereof):

Tracking Trump’s executive orders:

Tracker on Trump’s threats to human rights:

Tracker on all the civil rights lawsuits and related information on Trump’s immigration/refugee/travel ban:

Tracker on global disputes or military conflicts that directly impact the U.S.:

Prior post on another thread for resources that track news and events related to the Trump-Russia investigation.

Edited 8/24/17
Policies or rules Trump has undone, rescinded, or removed after taking office.


This is awesome, @John - thank you! I added a link to your post here in the Trump/Russia Resources post for additional resources! :grinning: