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(per the NPR interview) Geez, did anyone find that very reassuring? - me either. I worked for a Biotech firm for 12 years but prior to that I worked for an “automated controls engineering firm” they made sensors and controls for automated systems. The main customers were any place needing to automate functions; could be the postal service, UPS, car makers and utilities. The big push at the time was ‘smart controls’ and open systems, PLC with communication of smart nodes on the factory floor, etc. Since this was around 96-2001 and the internet was the new shiny thing, most of the engineers were thinking how great it would be to control operations from a portable device without being on site just before mobile phones became common. I am sure any ideas of security needs was more than just passwords - hopefully. But if so many ransomware frauds have been due to old operating systems and poor passwords like using old Windows systems what is to say this isn’t also happening at utility systems… and voting systems?

Of course, my other big paranoid thoughts are that there are at least a few GOP House members in office that also have Russian PAC money that they want to remain hidden and are protecting their own asses with their complicit silence or their completely horrid accusations of the FBI and the DOJ.


Bingo, you found the problem. Could you please explain PLC’s for the folks who don’t know what they are and how they are used?

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PLC or Programmable Logic Controller is kind of like a computer as a desktop user might know it but it is what is used industrially to get factory automation to ‘happen’. Allen Bradley is probably the largest manufacturer although there are many others and these units were used and designed prior to any thoughts of an internet threat. Most factor automation from the 1990 and before are 'open source in this case just getting to it - even via an online PC is enough to interfere with it. This is how we 'suxneted" Iran, fyi.

Smart nodes are part of a wiring network you might find industrially that are the hamburger helper to the PLC adding ‘switching’ mechanisms that of a higher order than a simple relay yet are not a full PLC or computer. Most of these work with programs like Profibus and other automated factory programs.

Does this help or is it more confusing?


@Maxfacter I think it’s still confusing. I’m wondering how we could break this down even more? Also, I wanted to add the alert Homeland Security posted on this issue. It contains a lot of code and a few screen shots of the affected systems. :thinking:


No collusion, my ass!

The number of contacts between the Trump team and Russia-linked operatives to 76, and 23 of these contacts were meetings (including Skype calls.) None of these contacts were ever reported to the proper authorities. Instead, the Trump team tried to cover up every single one of them.


Explaining PLC’s isn’t easy, bravo for tackling this. It might help to add what type of control systems were primarily used prior to PLC’s. I worked around manufacturing for years but not in a technical role and saw engineers implement changes evolving to PLC’s when process systems were changed.