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Excellent summary by Axios on recent cyber attacks on the US critical infrastructure.


Peter Smith was someone who handled transactions allegedly between the Kremlin hackers and T campaigned sourced funds, however he committed suicide and the rest of the information trail has been difficult to uncover. Perhaps Mueller has a line in on this.

Now, BuzzFeed News has reviewed documents showing that FBI agents and congressional investigators have zeroed in on transactions Smith made right as his effort to procure Clinton’s emails heated up. Just a day after he finished a report suggesting he was working with Trump campaign officials, for example, he transferred $9,500 from an account he had set up to fund the email project to his personal account, later taking out more than $4,900 in cash. According to a person with direct knowledge of Smith’s project, the Republican operative stated that he was prepared to pay hackers “many thousands of dollars” for Clinton’s emails — and ultimately did so.

Smith is dead, and his lawyer, former business partner, and wife did not respond to numerous requests for an interview. The White House did not immediately return a message seeking comment…

The money trail, made public here for the first time, sheds new light on Smith’s effort, in which he told people he was in touch with both Russians on the dark web and Trump campaign officials — particularly Michael Flynn, who was then a top adviser to the Trump campaign and later served as national security adviser before having to resign after misleading White House officials about his meetings with the Russian ambassador to the United States.

The Wall Street Journal, which spoke with Smith about 10 days before he killed himself last year, broke the story about his operation to obtain Clinton’s emails and his alleged connections to Flynn.


The pile-up of information re: Russians influencers and the hacking of DNC etc works.

The Daily Beast is able to shed unprecedented light on how Pavlov and those around him operate, thanks to a circumstance all too familiar to Hillary Clinton aide John Podesta, the Democratic National Committee, and others: The contents of Pavlov’s emails were leaked and posted online following what he says was a hacking attack to an obscure site used by hackers to dump their finds. (The identity of Pavlov’s hackers is not known, and Pavlov has not publicly speculated on it.)

This rare cache of documents, plus court records from cases across the U.S. and detailed reporting, give a rare insight into the complex nexus of connections in which Pavlov resides—a network that draws in interests connected to Putin and also business connections of President Trump.

They also reveal the way Russia and its oligarchs and outriders work—drawing together those in the Western establishment, its top businesses, and its numerous middlemen into the intrigues of the Russian state, its satellites, and its wealthy power players.

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Nice post! i have family members that are/were US attorneys - one now a judge so there goes that family conversation… Anyway, I think the book version of the Russian-trump-putin will be well addressed by Craig Unger’s new book. He is a really thorough researcher.


Here’s an interactive link to bio’s of the Mueller team

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Nice! Thanks for the useful tool - will go check it out.


Just came across this link…


A new documentary out today Active Measures

Active Measures, a new documentary from director Jack Bryan, would be timely even without the presence of John McCain. And yet the senator, who died of brain cancer less than a week before this film’s August 31st release, adds an additional dose of relevance and urgency to its central thesis: that President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin are far more intertwined than you know.

The fact that there was an attack on the fundamental—the absolute fundamental—a free and fair election, should alarm all of us,” McCain says in the exclusive clip below. He’s referring to the reports from August of 2016 that Russian hackers were targeting voter registration databases in states like Arizona.


Yes, Active Measures is on iTunes! :heart_eyes_cat:


Good to know. It is only playing in one theater here…:+1:


Here’s a link to the Jack Bryan Documentary, Active Measures on iTunes :point_down:


Watched it…wow!



Wow is right, I watched Active Measures last night. The comparisons between imprisoning the former Ukrainian leader Yulia Tymoshenko and the lock her up chants for Hillary Clinton were stunning. :tired_face:

If you want to learn more, here’s Yuri Bezmenov USSR defector and former KGB propagandist explaining in 1983 how the KGB uses subversion tactics to disrupt other other countries. I watch these videos back to back. Talk about a Friday night double feature!

Note: Since the USSR fell in the 90’s, Russia is no longer comunist/leftist. They are now promoting a more Right wing ideology around the world. So if you watch this just remember that the ideology has flip-flopped and ingnore his more personal views on progressivism and concentrate on the process he is discussing. I know it’s long but he does explain how to stop subversion tactics.

I found this through Asha Rangappa’s twitter feed.


NYTimes: From Criminal Convictions to Ethical Lapses: The Range of Misconduct in Trump’s Orbit


Benjamin Wittes speaks with John Sipher about the N.Y. Times story about Russian sources “drying up” on Lawfare podcast. What I found the most insightful about this conversation was John Sipher explaining how difficult it is for US agents to cultivate these sources and his reaction to what is lost when information from these sources appears to dry up. Worth a listen if you enjoy stories about clandestine services.

Episode Summary:

The New York Times reports that CIA human sources in Moscow are drying up: “vital Kremlin informants have largely gone silent, leaving the C.I.A. and other spy agencies in the dark about precisely what [Vladimir] Putin’s intentions are for November’s midterm elections, according to American officials familiar with the intelligence.” The newspaper speculates that this may be because of the political environment in the United States, an environment in which the president tweets about the intelligence community and the Steele dossier, and the House Intelligence Committee goes after human sources and outs them: “[O]fficials also raised the possibility that the outing of an F.B.I. informant under scrutiny by the House intelligence committee—an examination encouraged by President Trump — has had a chilling effect on intelligence collection,” write reporters Julian Barnes and Matthew Rosenberg.

John Sipher knows something about human sources in Moscow. He was stationed there for the CIA in the 1990s and had to deal with sources. And he joined Benjamin Wittes in the Jungle Studio to talk about the fragility of those operations, the plausibility of the New York Times story, and what we could do tamp down negative impacts on intelligence collection.

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If you like this article by Craig Unger you will love the book…he just released, House of Trump, House of Putin. Also a very good read on the 30+ Trump-Russian_mob-$$ money story.


New Politico magazine think piece from Molly McKew on the Russian endgame.

It’s chaotic—but chaos is the strategy. Putin’s goal isn’t a puppet president so much as a U.S. society permanently at war with itself. Russia can’t compete in the rules-based international order, but if the American bulwark of that order fractures, a weakened Russia has more space to act as a global power. Its new form of warfighting is evident in the details of special counsel Robert Mueller’s indictments and across the Russian investigation writ large: information warfare conducted by the Internet Research Agency and Russian intelligence; widespread hacking of campaigns and election systems by Russian military hackers; the new informal “illegals,” represented by Mariia Butina and Konstantin Kilimnik, each of whom has been the focus of an indictment.

Now it appears that the metrics of success for the Kremlin’s online campaigns have shifted from likes and clicks to physically mobilizing Americans—and that should worry us, deeply. Multiple lines of effort are underway—targeting us as individuals, as citizens, testing us to see how we react. And right now, unfortunately, they like what they see.


Good review of how Russian money from Oligarchs is going to the GOP.

I checked with Media Bias Fact Check and Dallas News is part of The Dallas Morning News and is a conservative paper. They say they do factual reporting

Updated version May 2018

August 2017


Putting this article here as well - also here Day 608

A good recap of events that took place…see timeline graphs


In the run up to the 2016 election, when Obama and Brennan are aware that the Russians (directed by Putin) are interfering with the 2016 election, there is a meeting where Brennan tells them -members of the Senate specifically Mitch McConnell etc. that Russia is indeed interfering. But McConnell threatens to claim that Dems intention would be to throw the election, and he wants to not let it be known.

All this from Greg P Miller’s new book “The Apprentice.” Out today Oct 2nd.