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Excellent summary by Axios on recent cyber attacks on the US critical infrastructure.

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Peter Smith was someone who handled transactions allegedly between the Kremlin hackers and T campaigned sourced funds, however he committed suicide and the rest of the information trail has been difficult to uncover. Perhaps Mueller has a line in on this.

Now, BuzzFeed News has reviewed documents showing that FBI agents and congressional investigators have zeroed in on transactions Smith made right as his effort to procure Clinton’s emails heated up. Just a day after he finished a report suggesting he was working with Trump campaign officials, for example, he transferred $9,500 from an account he had set up to fund the email project to his personal account, later taking out more than $4,900 in cash. According to a person with direct knowledge of Smith’s project, the Republican operative stated that he was prepared to pay hackers “many thousands of dollars” for Clinton’s emails — and ultimately did so.

Smith is dead, and his lawyer, former business partner, and wife did not respond to numerous requests for an interview. The White House did not immediately return a message seeking comment…

The money trail, made public here for the first time, sheds new light on Smith’s effort, in which he told people he was in touch with both Russians on the dark web and Trump campaign officials — particularly Michael Flynn, who was then a top adviser to the Trump campaign and later served as national security adviser before having to resign after misleading White House officials about his meetings with the Russian ambassador to the United States.

The Wall Street Journal, which spoke with Smith about 10 days before he killed himself last year, broke the story about his operation to obtain Clinton’s emails and his alleged connections to Flynn.

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The pile-up of information re: Russians influencers and the hacking of DNC etc works.

The Daily Beast is able to shed unprecedented light on how Pavlov and those around him operate, thanks to a circumstance all too familiar to Hillary Clinton aide John Podesta, the Democratic National Committee, and others: The contents of Pavlov’s emails were leaked and posted online following what he says was a hacking attack to an obscure site used by hackers to dump their finds. (The identity of Pavlov’s hackers is not known, and Pavlov has not publicly speculated on it.)

This rare cache of documents, plus court records from cases across the U.S. and detailed reporting, give a rare insight into the complex nexus of connections in which Pavlov resides—a network that draws in interests connected to Putin and also business connections of President Trump.

They also reveal the way Russia and its oligarchs and outriders work—drawing together those in the Western establishment, its top businesses, and its numerous middlemen into the intrigues of the Russian state, its satellites, and its wealthy power players.

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Nice post! i have family members that are/were US attorneys - one now a judge so there goes that family conversation… Anyway, I think the book version of the Russian-trump-putin will be well addressed by Craig Unger’s new book. He is a really thorough researcher.

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Here’s an interactive link to bio’s of the Mueller team