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An 11th-Hour Raid by the Wealthiest Baby Boomers

Interesting view of the shifting of generations


With this tax reform, I really hope it hurts their re-election efforts. I think finally, the youth are getting politically engaged, because we’re seeing firsthand how quickly a wrecking ball can be taken to the scant support structures we do have. I hope they reap what they sow, and the long-term effect is a robust generation who decides to change the system.


I am making a website and Twitter profile about Generation Jones. That’s the moniker for those of us born during the second half of the Baby Boom.

Social scientists are finally realizing we have nothing in common with our older siblings. In short, they grew up in an optimistic society, while we grew up in a cynical one. We had horrific timing, and they consumed everything around them and left us with shit. Our financial stability is a two-legged stool as a result.

So, hey, don’t blame US Baby Boomers for this. We’re pathetic.

I think each generation has its own splits. For example, “older” millennials (Oregon Trail generation or also known by the awful name “Xennials”). We are very different than the younger set of millennials. Also, our parents are mostly “generation jones”. :smile: (Even tho so many like to say that Gen Xers are our parents lol).

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