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Author of "The Apprentice" Interview

Very interesting interview of Greg Miller Pulitzer Prize winning Washington Post reporter, and author of The Apprentice - Trump, Russia and the Subversion of American Democracy, Greg Miller has spoken to hundreds of people in the President’s inner circle, intelligence communities, and foreign officials - in a quest to uncover the truth behind the Kremlin’s interference in Trump’s win.

He talks to Kathryn Ryan about what impact the controversies plaguing the presidency will have on election results.


Excellent book, I’m almost finished reading. Highly recommended!

Have you read Craig Unger’s book? I want to read Greg Miller’s book also. Trump keeps saying no collusion and really when Russian Oligarchs bought so many of his properties or were directly in business with him (Bayrock) and brought him back from his $4B bankrupt state - he really ‘owes’ them and maybe all his secret meeting with Putin in private is just a reminder. There is so much dirt - where do you start?

No I haven’t read Craig Unger’s book - from what you say it sounds interesting. I’m at that stage where I find reading a whole book a bit of a challenge these days, but I have been following the money, and the Russian influence on a number of levels for some time.
We here in NZ were very fortunate to have this 15 min interview with Greg Miller this morning, and so I have dropped the link to our National Radio so that you all here might share.

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