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Bannon out as White House chief strategist

I guess that “off-the-record” interview is coming back to bite him.

Adding the original source:


Ding dong, the grand wizard is dead.

With Bannon saying he’s still going to battle for Trump even without the regular White House pay cheque (I’m Canada), how does that square with Brietbart’s ‘WAR’ headline? I’m losing the thread if there ever was one.

I knew his days were severely limited when his title changed. Trump never liked the attention he got.

Sounds like that might be what he wants everyone to think for now:

Summed up nicely by Oliver Darcy:

Original link:

Also, Bannon was pretty clear he wanted to topple the entire establishment, create chaos. He will probably do his best to create enough chaos to shut down the government over the spending bill and debt ceiling.

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*(I’m Canadian)

I absolutely did not see that coming, even when I thought he might be on the rocks a few months ago I dismissed it as a possibility b/c I thought he’d always fast talk his way into remaining entrenched. Who’s next!?

Not so fast…

He spoke with Joshua Green (author of Devil’s Bargain) for the Bloomberg article. Here’s some added tidbits…

If you don’t follow Joshua Green on Twitter, highly recommend it, especially now!