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Conspiracy Theorists

Has anyone started or contemplated a listing of a “Who’s Who” in the conspiracy theory world? I personally don’t have a good list or a list really but I do see or hear discussions that seem to evolve from them. A neighbor behind me seems to be a fan, I keep looking for the neighbor’s tin foil hat but no sighting yet.

All my neighbors have tin foil hats but then again, we don’t talk much. :grimacing:

There are so, so many. So many. I am personally of the opinion that in a sea of conspiracy theory and fake news garbage, it might be best to keep this site and forum for things that are real. There are plenty of other places to find that stuff.


There’s a lot of churn in that world too, aside from a few mainstays like Alex Jones. It’s probably more potent to lay out the problems in their reasoning than to focus on any flash in the pan artist, plus, giving them any type of notoriety isn’t terribly productive to combating their lies.

Agreed. Closing this thread.

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