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🤮 Coronavirus (Community Thread)

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And I think we should “protect” the president first & foremost…:smirk:

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Absolutely! I’ll have to type them out and get back to you🥰


So much wrong with this…States desperate for ventilators get caught in schemes and budget busting costs for much needed equipment.

The Silicon Valley engineer, who had no background in medical supplies but was recommended by the White House, never delivered the ventilators.

On March 27, as emergency rooms in New York and across the country began filling with coronavirus patients struggling to breathe, President Donald Trump posted on Twitter to urge Ford and General Motors to “START MAKING VENTILATORS, NOW!”

One of the thousands of replies that the tweet attracted struck an equally urgent tone: “We can supply ICU Ventilators, invasive and noninvasive. Have someone call me URGENT.”

Its author was Yaron Oren-Pines, an electrical engineer in Silicon Valley. A specialist in mobile phone technology, he currently has just 75 followers on Twitter and no apparent experience in government contracting or medical devices.

But three days later, New York state paid Oren-Pines $69.1 million. The payment was for 1,450 ventilators — at an astonishing $47,656 per ventilator, at least triple the standard retail price of high-end models.

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I’ll type and send asap. Thanks!

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Mass layoffs begin in cities and states amid coronavirus fallout, threatening education, sanitation, health and safety

Millions of municipal workers could find themselves out of a job or without pay, according to local leaders, who say programs would fall into disarray unless Washington intervenes

The Trump White House is not selling coronavirus commemorative coins - Business Insider

A timeline of Trump’s 100 days of deadly coronavirus denial

Trump’s PPP program is favoring red states, many which still have no stay-at-home orders, over blue states hit hardest by the pandemic.

Bailout money bypasses hard-hit New York, California for North Dakota, Nebraska

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It would seem very likely that yet another Trump-touted “cure” may be too good to be true and gaming the system to make a buck. Ultimately, I’d stick with Dr. Fauci’s guarded optimism and hope over a lot of the trumpeted cries of victory.

Gilead’s remdesivir improves recovery time of coronavirus patients in NIH trial

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases study is the most rigorous test to date of the potential coronavirus treatment

U.S. Explores Emergency-Use Approval for Gilead Drug After Study Found It Helped Recovery From Covid-19

Gilead Science is in active discussions with the FDA about emergency authorization for remdesivir

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Quarantime( tune of Mabellene)

Quarantine, it’s what we gotta do

Yeah, quarantine, no this ain’t no flu

So don’t go startin’ back doin’ those things you used to do

Pay no mind to the phony resistance

Good folks stay at home keeping socially distant

They think they got a right to kill the human race

Runnin in crowds no mask on dey face

Quarantine, don’t take no degree

Yeah quarantine, it’s where we gotta be

Gotta stop listnen’ to that crap ya hear on Hannity

They don’t care if we all end up dead

I swear to god they all got rocks in they head

The orange liar’s just eggin’ them on

In the second wave of virus they’ll be first to be gone

Quarantine, is no time to roam

Like Samuel Jackson, just stay the fuck home

And if you need some sex then do it on the phone

It don’t take a genius analytic review

To see we don’t wanna die so you can get a tattoo

President’s an idiot

No time to let up

Forget about the nail salon

Just wake the fuck up

Quarantine, yeah you wanna be free

It’s all a hoax to steal your liberty

Well I support your right to die

But you ain’t takin’ me

Oh Billy Bob, what the hell’s wrong with you

Cuz we don’t got no ventilator waiting for you

You don’t stop doing just what you wanna do

I hope you like two lungs turned to mucusy goo

Quarantine, do it for maw and paw

What makes you think that you’re above the law.

Well, me too, so I’m comin’ for ya with my circular saw

You start coughing’ now you’re turnin’ green

Think you gotta fever then you better quarantine

There ain’t no heard immunity so keep your hands clean

But me I’m livin’ in a closet til they find a vaccine

Quarantine it’s what we gotta do

Do it for the folks on the hospital crew

Don’t go startin back doin those things we used to do.

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This keeps getting more horrific.

As New York morgues ran out of space, a funeral home filled U-Haul trucks with dozens of bodies, police say




ODNI News Release No. 11-20

April 30, 2020

Intelligence Community Statement on Origins of COVID-19

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Office of the Director of National Intelligence today issued the following Intelligence Community (IC) statement:

“The entire Intelligence Community has been consistently providing critical support to U.S. policymakers and those responding to the COVID-19 virus, which originated in China. The Intelligence Community also concurs with the wide scientific consensus that the COVID-19 virus was not manmade or genetically modified.

“As we do in all crises, the Community’s experts respond by surging resources and producing critical intelligence on issues vital to U.S. national security. The IC will continue to rigorously examine emerging information and intelligence to determine whether the outbreak began through contact with infected animals or if it was the result of an accident at a laboratory in Wuhan.”

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The fact that they’re even suggesting it might be some sort of industrial medical accident is bonkers.


Multiple layers to how the system broke down in terms of preparedness and of course no one overseeing the various parts. Eliminating a pandemic-ready staff, was of course just one out of many mistakes T 'n Co made.

A Wall Street Journal examination found:

The hospital industry, in a bid to increase profit, slashed inventory of all supplies. Rather than bulk up after the swine flu, hospitals turned to inventory-tracking software to winnow stocks of protective gear and other supplies, hoping to be able to replenish it as needed.

—Manufacturers got bitten during the swine flu, ramping up production only to be left with few buyers when that crisis abated. Many mask and other device makers rebuffed later calls to build back emergency capacity, ceding a chunk of the market to overseas makers.

—The U.S. government focused more on preparing for terrorism than for a pandemic. Despite the severe 2009 flu, the government lacked a permanent budget to buy protective medical gear for its Strategic National Stockpile of supplies for health emergencies.

The Trump administration further weakened the safety net as it rejiggered the Health and Human Services Department’s main emergency-preparedness agency, prioritized other threats over pandemics, cut out groups such as one that focused on protective gear and removed a small planned budget to buy respirator masks for the national stockpile, according to former officials.

The problem is a medical supply chain and a health-care system that we have built to be economically efficient…in exchange for resiliency,” said Tara O’Toole, a Department of Homeland Security undersecretary of science and technology in the Obama years. “We have allowed ourselves to completely lose control over supply.”

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Two more new ads.

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By the by, I’ve probably posted this before, but I keep track of the various ads coming out about this in one big thread so you can pick the ones you need to make your point:

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Nearly 900 at Tyson Foods plant test positive for coronavirus

LOGANSPORT, Ind. (WISH) — The Cass County Health Department on Wednesday afternoon said it has seen just under 1,200 positive COVID-19 cases. Almost 900 employees at the Tyson Food plant in Cass County’s Logansport have tested positive.

The county had been working with Tyson on a plan to reopen the plant after the pork processing plant voluntarily closed for 14 days in an effort to contain an outbreak.

Cass County Commissioner Ryan Browning has been working with Tyson and the health department to develop a workable reopening plan that has been thrown into high gear by President Donald Trump’s executive order to reopen meat processing plants shuttered by the virus.


Who are you going to believe?
CDC - 68%
Doctor - 66%
State/local government - 52%
T - 23%

Sixty-eight percent of Americans say they highly trust the information that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is providing about the virus, 66% trust their doctor or health care provider, and 52% said the same about their state or local government, according to a recent Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll.

But Americans are more skeptical of the coronavirus information they’re getting from the media and from family and friends, with 32% saying they have a lot of trust in information provided by each. Only 23% of Americans said they have a great deal or quite a bit of trust in the information that Trump provides on the coronavirus, according to the poll.


BREAKING: Georgia verifies 1K new COVID-19 cases in 24 hours

State health officials have confirmed an additional 1,000 cases of the new coronavirus in the past 24 hours, bringing Georgia’s total infections above 27,000.

As of noon Thursday, the Georgia Department of Public Health was reporting just over 26,000 confirmed cases. That number now stands at 27,134, according to data released at 12:25 p.m. Friday.


Government orders 100,000 new body bags as Trump minimizes death toll

The federal government placed orders for well over 100,000 new body bags to hold victims of COVID-19 in April, according to internal administration documents obtained by NBC News, as well as public records. The biggest set was earmarked for purchase the day after President Donald Trump projected that the U.S. death toll from the coronavirus might not exceed 50,000 or 60,000 people.

That batch is a pending $5.1 million purchase order placed by the Department of Homeland Security on April 21 with E.M. Oil Transport Inc. of Montebello, California, which advertises construction vehicles, building materials and electronics on its website. The “human remains pouches” have not been paid for or shipped to the Federal Emergency Management Agency yet, according to the company’s marketing manager, Mike Pryor.

"I hope to God that they don’t need my order and that they cancel it," Pryor said in a text message exchange with NBC News.

Body bag contracts bid by Homeland Security and the Veterans Affairs Department are just one illustration of how Trump’s sunny confidence about the nation’s readiness to reopen is in conflict with the views of officials in his own administration who are quietly preparing for a far worse outcome.


Amid a Rising Death Toll, Trump Leaves the Grieving to Others

As the death toll from the coronavirus over eight weeks surpasses the total American military casualties in eight years of major combat in Vietnam, Mr. Trump has led no national mourning. In his daily news conferences, he makes only perfunctory references to those who have died as he stiffly reads opening remarks, exhibiting more emotion when grieving his lost economic record than his lost constituents.

Empathy has never been considered one of Mr. Trump’s political assets. He views public displays of sadness as weakness and has made a point of stressing resolve, even at the risk of overlooking the deep pain afflicting so much of the country. His favorite words in his televised appearances of recent weeks are “powerful” and “strong.” He talks of “incredible” days ahead without dwelling on the miserable days of now. He plans fireworks while Americans plan funerals.


“I know many stories,” Mr. Trump told reporters. “I’ve spoken to three, maybe, I guess, four families unrelated to me. I did — I lost a very good friend. I also lost three other friends — two of whom I didn’t know as well, but they were friends and people I did business with.” White House officials offered no further details.

To the extent that he discusses the deaths caused by the virus, he generally does so in clinical and at times even self-congratulatory terms. “Our death totals, our numbers per million people, are really very, very strong,” he told reporters on Thursday. “We are very proud of the job we have done.”

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China is a bad actor in many ways, but we also rely on them for many supplies and resources. The Trump regime’s plan to punish them on numerous fronts for the pandemic is ill-timed.

Trump regime draws up plans to punish China over coronavirus outbreak

Washington (CNN)The Trump administration is formulating a long-term plan to punish China on multiple fronts for the coronavirus pandemic, injecting a rancorous new element into a critical relationship already on a steep downward slide.

The effort matches but goes far beyond an election campaign strategy of blaming Beijing to distract from President Donald Trump’s errors in predicting and handling the crisis, which has now killed more than 60,000 Americans.

Multiple sources inside the administration say that there is an appetite to use various tools, including sanctions, canceling US debt obligations and drawing up new trade policies, to make clear to China, and to everyone else, where they feel the responsibility lies.

“We have to get the economy going again, we have to be careful about how we do this,” said one administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“But we will find ways to show the Chinese that their actions are completely reprehensible.”

The intelligence community is meanwhile coming under enormous pressure from the administration, with senior officials pushing to find out whether the virus escaped into the public from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, two sources familiar with the frustrations said.

In an unprecedented move, the intelligence community issued a statement saying it was surging resources on the matter as it would in any crisis.

“The IC will continue to rigorously examine emerging information and intelligence to determine whether the outbreak began through contact with infected animals or if it was the result of an accident at a laboratory in Wuhan,” the statement said.

Trump referenced the contentious relationship between the two nations on Thursday, when he told reporters at the White House that China does not want to see him get reelected because the US is “getting billions” from the country thanks to their trade deal.

When asked if China’s withholding information about the coronavirus was related to undermining his reelection, Trump said that “China would like to see sleepy Joe Biden – they would take this country for a ride like you’ve never seen before.”

CNN reported earlier this month that the government was looking into the theory that the virus originated in the lab but hadn’t yet able to corroborate it. Earlier this month Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the weight of evidence suggests the virus was of natural origin.

The New York Times reported Thursday that officials were pressuring intelligence analysts to find information supporting the idea.

“I think we will figure it out,” an administration official said, when asked if it was possible the origin of the virus would never be established.

The US-China clash is brewing amid growing suspicion inside the administration over China’s rising strategic challenge and fury that the virus destroyed an economy seen as Trump’s passport to a second term.

“I am very confident that the Chinese Communist Party will pay a price for what they did here, certainly from the United States,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said last week.

The building confrontation comes as both sides seek to exploit an already fragmented geopolitical environment already shaken by their rivalry that has been thoroughly fragmented by the pandemic.

In the long term, it threatens to cause uneasy choices for US Asian allies who are also keen not to antagonize the giant in their backyard. And the growing tension could have significant repercussions for the global economy as the US seeks to wean itself off supply chains dominated by China. There are serious questions to be addressed about China’s transparency in the early days of the outbreak in Wuhan and whether its autocratic system fostered an attempt to cover it up. The United States is not the only nation that wants answers amid a pandemic that has devastated the global economy and cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

In response to building pressure, China has launched a propaganda effort to distract from its own culpability, including blaming US soldiers for importing the pathogen in remarks that infuriated Trump.

Administration sizes up options

Officials note that finding ways to punish China will be a sensitive business.

“We’ll get the timing right,” Pompeo said on Wednesday. In the extreme circumstances of the pandemic, China has the capacity to hit back at the United States making it “irresponsible” to drive too hard too early, officials say.

With the US afflicted by shortages of personal protective equipment, medical devices, biologic drugs and Chinese-made pharmaceuticals, it is vulnerable to short-term disruption in established supply chains amid a pandemic that has infected more than a million Americans.

Pompeo appeared to demonstrate this restraint last week when he was asked about new Chinese export controls that have prevented US medical supplies from getting to the US. In private, US officials are irate, but in public Pompeo used delicate language.

“The good news is we have seen China provide those resources. Sometimes they’re from US companies that are there in China, but we’ve had success,” Pompeo said.

“We are counting on China to continue to live up to its contractual obligations and international obligations to provide that assistance to us and to sell us those goods,” Pompeo said.

In the longer term, especially if Trump wins reelection, the US effort will likely treat offshore supply chains as national security priorities rather than as simply economic questions.

“If we fail to do that in the face of this crisis, we will have failed this country and all future generations of Americans. It is that clear,” Trump economic advisor Peter Navarro told CNN.

A tense turn in US-China relations

The toughened posture toward China is consistent with Trump’s rejection of the principles of Sino-US ties that date back to President Richard Nixon’s courting of the then-closed communist state in the early 1970s.

Trump says that the process of ushering Beijing into the world economy in an effort to avoid a clash between the dominant power, the US, and China, the rising one — known as the Thucydides Trap — has been a disaster.

He has argued that Washington has emboldened and enriched a foe with nearly three times its population and that has “raped” US industry in the flight of blue-collar jobs abroad.

It was a message that was electrified Trump supporters in the decaying US rustbelt in 2016 and is one on which he is relying to brand his presumptive Democratic opponent as a China-appeasing tool of the foreign policy elite in November.

“This is the natural way to go. It’s the only way to go. It is pretty much the main campaign theme,” said an official familiar with the campaign’s messaging efforts focused on China.

The administration’s national security strategy – which was laid out in 2017 – also casts China as a competitor and a revisionist power.

But as is often the case, the administration’s hard line is undermined or tempered by the President’s own unorthodox personality and approach to his job.

Trump’s over-personalized approach to world leaders and his fixation with preserving his friendship with Xi is also directly contradicting his political and diplomatic strategy.

“We are not happy with China,” Trump said Tuesday but his statements are undercut by the multiple times he praised Chinese President Xi Jinping for his handling of the pandemic earlier this year, apparently partly motivated by a desire to keep a US-China trade deal, one of the few limited wins of his administration, on track.

One disadvantage of Trump’s insistence on forging friendships with strongman leaders is that it leaves national relationships more susceptible to any fractures in personal ties.

Both Trump and Xi are the most aggressive, nationalistic leaders of their two nations in decades, who are keen to flex personal power in a way that can cause volatile foreign relations.

And the US President is not alone in facing domestic incentives to initiate confrontation. While China’s Communist Party leaders enjoy absolute power, they are susceptible to internal political pressures — especially as they try, like Trump, to deflect from their own virus missteps.

In its own disinformation offensive, Beijing has blamed US troops for bringing the novel coronavirus to China. On Tuesday, Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang accused “American politicians” of telling barefaced lies about the pandemic.

“They have only one objective: to try to shirk responsibility for their own epidemic and prevention and control measures and divert public attention,” Geng said.

The heated rhetoric over the virus threatens to unleash a chain reaction of mistrust and tension that worsens tensions between the US and China exacerbated by Trump’s trade war, territorial flashpoints including in the South China Sea and the global US campaign against the Huawei communications giant.

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright warned on CNN last week that the building heat was dangerous.

“Frankly, it is each side pushing each other’s hyper nationalism buttons and we are getting nowhere,” she said.

The US/China freeze

Relations with China have plummeted in recent years, amid rising tensions over trade, Beijing’s territorial claims in the South China Sea and its rise to challenge the US strategically.

Trump’s decision to freeze funding for the World Health Organization, based on claims it was too solicitous from China, could also further undercut US influence, especially in Asia where the US withdrawal from the the Trans Pacific Partnership was a big win for Beijing.

China does have a record of overplaying its hand and driving regional powers back into the US orbit. The Obama administration exploited such a misstep with its Asia pivot.

Recent failures such as flawed personal protective equipment sent to Europe have tarnished Beijing’s coronavirus diplomacy. Racist treatment of Africans in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou has had a similar effect. And despite its efforts to change the story, China may never escape the notoriety of being the incubator for the disease and claims its autocratic system was responsible for critical delays in tackling the virus.

So there is fertile ground for the Trump administration to exploit in its effort to punish China. But its own domineering attitude in the Trump years and a poorly managed effort to combat Covid-19 challenge the credibility of its efforts.

“There is really nobody who does not want to see China held to account for the political coverup attempt, which slowed down international awareness and allowed the virus to spread. There is a resentment around the world,” said Danny Russel, an Obama-era State Department official in charge Asia Pacific policy. “But I think you would be hard pressed to find a political leader in Asia or Europe who does not believe this anti-China push by the Trump administration is an entirely a political move. They are trying to deflect blame for the catastrophic incompetence of the administration.”

canceling US debt obligations” – this really stands out… can we even do that?