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🤮 Coronavirus (Community Thread)

This makes me crazy! I really want to believe that I’m an average person. And then I see how incredibly gullible 20% of the nation can be and I’m flummoxed. I try to think about how someone could get sucked into that kind of thinking…I guess I don’t understand brainwashing.


I agree. It is really hard to get one’s head around.

Might fall into the ‘if you are told a lie long enough, then you start to believe it…’ which is autocracy 101. Read Tim Snyder’s work “On Tyranny.” - people can be swayed, and they have their own belief system wrapped around their ‘like/trust/love’ towards a leader. The lie does not have to be believable if you believe that others are trying to ‘hoodwink’ you…ie “The Liberal Agenda,” “Fake News,” and spend a lot of time in a Grievance mode.

Yes, it is agreed that any part of “The Big Lie” is just that. But again, if you like that leader you will believe him.

More susceptible population - religious groups (Evangelicals) as they have already put their hat in for certain religious events will come to pass etc.

It is beyond crazy making.


I’ve read some of his articles but not the book, yet. Currently being depressed by Jane Mayer’s “Dark Money”. And, indeed, people will believe what they want to believe…but some of what they believe is unbelievable :grin::roll_eyes: (sorry, I couldn’t resist).


yeah…I have that sitting here too. It is dark.
and unbelievably true.