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Coup d'Etat? I was in wrong place. Oops!

I have no idea why very few have acknowledged what this country is undergoing right now. It’s a bloodless coup A COUP D"ETAT. Oh yes, other countries do it - but we imagine we are exempt and protected by this horror by the “Constitution” And being a nation of hubrists, Americans have wept, laughed and experienced schadenfreude over the coups elsewhere, in the decades since we became a nation. There was, of course, that little disagreement where the Mason-Dixon Line was drawn in bloodsoaked earth - but even so, we tend to see that as a “historical event”, not an ugly act of war. (Spoiler: a Civil War that was anything but civil with unbelievable casualties on both sides) And we are smug when other countries endure it is because “ours was American”. Some think it is still being fought. I do. But in 2016, we experienced a coup d’etat. Still thriving in the hallowed halls that check and balance of our sacred system. This is not “Moon Over Parador” - this is real life, reported in real time by some sort of media we now embrace. But call it what you like - a coup is still a coup. Perhaps if we call it what is, we can end it as it has been ended across the planet for eons. Bears thought.

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