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Day 1019

1/ Interview notes from Robert Mueller's special counsel investigation were released after CNN and BuzzFeed News sued the government to see all the work that Mueller's team kept secret. In response to a court order, the Justice Department released the first installment of documents, known as 302s, which memorialize interviews conducted by the office with witnesses and include hundreds of pages of FBI interview summaries. Per the judge's order, the Justice Department will continue to release new tranches of Mueller's investigative notes every month for at least the next eight years. (CNN / BuzzFeed News)

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Did I miss anyone?


This will go under the intelligence committee page. It was just time for a new closed-door section. Everything we had was just public stuff.

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This got missed.

Military May Use Lethal Force on “Civil Disturbances” at Border

Here are the documents outlining the Trump regime’s lethal force policy at the border:

Mexican Immigrant Dies in Border Control Custody

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This needs to be its own thing. Nice list.

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