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1/ Trump considered firing the intelligence community's inspector general for reporting the whistleblower's complaint to Congress after concluding it was credible. Trump reportedly doesn't understand why Michael Atkinson shared the complaint, which outlined how Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate Trump's political rivals as he was withholding military aid from the country. Trump appointed Atkinson in 2017, but now believes he has been disloyal. Trump publicly criticized James Comey, the former FBI director, and Jeff Sessions, the former attorney general, before he dismissed them for perceived disloyalty. (New York Times)

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How did I miss this?

US votes against UN resolution condemning gay sex death penalty, joining Iraq and Saudi Arabia

America one of 13 countries on Human Rights Council to oppose historic vote


The US supported two failed amendments put forward by Russia, which stated the death penalty was not necessarily “a human rights violation” and that it is not a form of torture, but can lead to it “in some cases”.

And it abstained on a “sovereignty amendment” put forward by Saudi Arabia, that stated “the right of all countries to develop their own laws and penalties”.

Despite America’s opposition, the vote in Geneva passed with 27 of the 47-member Human Rights Council in favour.

The 13 states to oppose the resolution were Botswana, Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, China, India, Iraq, Japan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the US and the United Arab Emirates.

The vote was introduced by eight countries - Belgium, Benin, Costa Rica, France, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia and Switzerland – and supported by countries around the world including the UK, Congo, Kyrgyzstan and Bolivia.


As prosecutors raise pressure on Turkish bank, Erdogan likely to ask Trump to go easy

A witness in U.S. custody is detailing a multi-billion-dollar sanction-busting scheme involving Iran and Turkey. But Trump keeps protecting Turkey.

  • While Erdogan’s visit comes on the heels of Turkish action against the Kurds in northern Syria, following Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces, another U.S.-Turkey dustup has flown under the radar.

  • The meeting comes as Turkey is buying Russia’s S-400 missile system, which is said to pose a risk to the NATO alliance as well as to Lockheed Martin’s F-35 jet.

… The U.S. could sanction Turkey for buying Russia’s S-400, a mobile surface-to-air missile system that is said to pose a risk to the NATO alliance as well as to America’s most expensive weapons system: Lockheed Martin’s F-35 jet.

But Turkey shrugged off the potential sanctions, and Trump himself has been sympathetic to Erdogan’s decision. In July, Trump said he could not blame Turkey for buying the S-400, a move that resulted in dropping the NATO ally’s participation in the F-35 program. …

Once again, Trump cedes to Putin. Russia’s power and stature continues to grow while the U.S. is in steady retreat under Trump.


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