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1/ Former national security adviser John Bolton said he is "prepared to testify" in Trump's impeachment trial if subpoenaed by the Senate. Bolton, who has complied with a White House directive not to cooperate in the inquiry, has direct knowledge of Trump's actions and conversations regarding Ukraine that could fill in blanks in the impeachment case. A Senate subpoena needs at least 51 votes, which means four Republicans would need to vote with Democrats to call a witness. (New York Times / Washington Post / Politico / NBC News / CNN / ABC News / Axios / Associated Press)

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The Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump

Just moments ago, our top general retracted this letter, claiming it had been released by mistake. See the Iran thread. :exploding_head:



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Puerto Rico has been rocked by earthquakes off its southern coast, the largest a 6.6. Its power grid has been zapped (again), there’s been a tsunami warning, & they’re still waiting on disaster relief funds Trump’s racist regime refuses to release.

6.4 Quake Strikes Puerto Rico Amid Heavy Seismic Activity

The quake was followed by an aftershock measuring 6.0, and at least eight people were injured. One of Puerto Rico’s main power plants has been damaged.


More than 50 people died in a stampede during the state funeral procession for Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani on Tuesday as his coffin made its way through his hometown in southeastern Iran, the state broadcaster reported.

The head of Iran’s emergency medical services said that 56 people had died and 213 were injured, the broadcaster IRIB reported on its website, as millions of people flooded the streets of Kerman to witness the procession for General Suleimani.

Witnesses said on social media and on the BBC’s Persian service that the street leading to the funeral was too narrow to handle the crowd, and that some side streets had been closed off for security reasons, leaving those who were caught in the crush with no place to escape.

General Suleimani was killed in an American drone strike in Baghdad last week, and his death has magnified tensions between the United States and Iran, fueling fears of a broader conflict as the two sides trade increasingly dire threats.

I’m not mourning the death Suleimani, but this is a sad development that will make it even more difficult to find a peaceful path forward.


It looks like a traitor to our country will be sentenced to no more than just 6 months in jail. IMO, we should never have given Flynn a deal so he could bargain his charges down to one count of lying. When I first heard he had cut a deal, I was glad because I thought we’d actually get something from him in return. What did we get? Virtually nothing – as far as I can tell. Someone correct me if I’m wrong – it’s been awhile.

Then on top of being a worthless cooperator, he did his utmost to renege on the deal. Again, just IMO, but if Flynn does receive just six months or less, such a light sentence will just encourage others to follow the same traitorous, lying path that he did.

The article says “the sentencing memo shows just how harshly the Justice Department responds to Flynn’s recent attempts to unravel his guilty plea.” However, personally, I have a different interpretation of the word “harsh.”

President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser Michael Flynn should serve up to six months in jail, prosecutors told a federal judge on Tuesday, saying Flynn has failed to accept responsibility for his actions and undermined a separate criminal case.

The sentencing memo shows just how harshly the Justice Department responds to Flynn’s recent attempts to unravel his guilty plea in the Mueller investigation and says that he sought to thwart the government’s investigation into his former business partner, an abrupt turn from Flynn’s months of cooperation and public reticence during the special counsel’s probe.

“It is clear that the defendant has not learned his lesson,” the Justice Department wrote. “He has behaved as though the law does not apply to him, and as if there are no consequences for his actions.”

Flynn, 61, is set to be sentenced on January 28, more than two years since he pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators.

As a reminder, here’s an article from 2017 that documents just one of the crimes that Flynn should have been found guilty of. Perhaps he can still be charged for this traitorous crime, but maybe his plea deal gave him blanket immunity – I’m not sure.

From 2017: Flynn, paid by Turkey, blocked military move they opposed; told Trump team about investigation

Days before President Donald Trump took office, incoming National Security Adviser Michael Flynn blocked a military plan against the Islamic State group that was opposed by Turkey, a country he had been paid more than $500,000 to advocate for, the McClatchy news service reported.

According to the report, Flynn declined a request from the Obama administration to approve an operation in the IS stronghold of Raqqa, effectively delaying the military operation. His reasoning wasn’t reported, but Turkey has long opposed U.S. military operations in cooperation with Kurdish forces.

At the time, Flynn had not yet registered as a foreign agent and disclosed that he had been paid to lobby on behalf of the Turkish government. Weeks after his firing, Flynn retroactively registered with the Justice Department.

The story by McClatchy was published online just minutes after a New York Times report that Flynn informed the Trump transition team that he was under Department of Justice scrutiny for his lobbying work on behalf of Turkey before he was hired as NSA. The White House declined comment on the Times piece, but did not offer a denial of the underlying facts.

News about Flynn’s activity comes amid intense scrutiny over his and other Trump associates’ potential contacts with Russia. On Wednesday, the Department of Justice named former FBI Director Robert Mueller to be special counsel investigating Russian efforts to influence the U.S. presidential election. Mueller will have sweeping powers, including the right to bring federal charges.

Two takeaways:

  1. Trump’s Transition Team, headed by Pence, knew that Flynn received secret payments from Turkey before they vetted him to become the nation’s top security officer. As head of the team Pence must have known what Flynn told the team – Pence is heavily implicated here.

  2. After receiving secret payments from Turkey, Flynn made a military decision that was favorable to Turkey. In other words, Flynn is a paid traitor.

Since Mueller was chartered only with looking at Trump’s possible involvement in Russian interference in our election, evidently these two extremely serious crimes – one of them implicating our Vice President – were left uninvestigated. And now that the DoJ is in Trump’s pocket, I’m thinking they will never be investigated. However, if Pence is ever put it in position where it looks like he will become President, I can only hope that point 1 above will prevent him from actually taking office.

And here’s more from the NYT (2017) on how Pence, head of Trump’s Transition Team, is implicated in Flynn’s crimes:

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More articles on this:

Justice Dept. changes tune, says ex-Trump aide Michael Flynn should serve up to six months in prison

Michael Flynn pleaded guilty two years ago to lying about his conversations with Russia’s ambassador during the Trump transition.

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This will never clear the House, thankfully, but the fact that they’re still trying is insane and monstrous. For full clarification; the Trump regime is working to force this through without congressional approval, using a remarkably thin excuse. It is guaranteed to be challenged in a lawsuit, almost certain to be struck down, & guaranteed to hurt millions. And still they will do it.

Trump Administration Quietly Goes After Disability Benefits

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I just… can’t even.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg congratulated Trump for being ‘No. 1 on Facebook,’ according to Trump

  • President Donald Trump claimed on Monday that Mark Zuckerberg told him he was “No. 1 on Facebook” at a dinner “the other day.”
  • Trump dialed into the conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh’s radio show to discuss his reach on social media and the assassination of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, whom he described as “a terrorist.”
  • Zuckerberg and Trump have met on multiple occasions, both publicly and privately. The Facebook CEO has refused to reveal details of a dinner he had with Trump in October while he was in Washington for a congressional hearing.
  • It’s not clear what Trump (or Zuckerberg, apparently) meant by “No. 1 on Facebook,” but Trump doesn’t come close to having either the most likes or the most followers on the platform.

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