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1/ Trump will deliver his State of the Union address tonight at 9 p.m. ET before a joint session of Congress. Trump is expected to talk about the stock market and the economy. It’s not clear if Trump plans to mention the impeachment trial or the upcoming 2020 election. The theme of Trump’s speech will be “the Great American Comeback.” (New York Times / USA Today / Associated Press / CBS News / Washington Post)

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State of the Union address…:confounded:

And a real protester -

UPDATE 2.5.20 - It was Fred Guttenberg whose daughter was killed during the Parkland FL shooting who was walked out of the SOTU speech due to his protests on guns.




Click tweet for video :point_down:

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I came home and saw the video going around of Speaker Pelosi tearing up Trump’s speech and had to make my own… improvement.

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Trump’s State of the Union viewership plummets 21 percent in one year -

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Sen. King with a take on something others overlooked:

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