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1/ Senators reached an agreement on a $2 trillion stimulus package to combat the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic – the largest relief package in American history. The package will provide direct payments to Americans, $130 billion in funding for hospitals, $350 billion in small business loans, $250 billion in unemployment insurance benefits, and $500 billion in loans for distressed companies. A vote is expected Wednesday afternoon. The House is expected to take it up no sooner than Thursday. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin promised that Trump would “absolutely” sign it if Congress passes it. The package is the third Congress has considered to address the pandemic. Trump previously signed into law a $8.3 billion emergency aid and relief package providing paid leave, free testing and additional aid for families affected by the pandemic. (New York Times / CNN / NBC News / Washington Post / Politico / The Guardian)

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Good news for a change:


From Sen Angus King. (I-ME) on Senate’s vote to fund hospitals, businesses and Americans when a hugely uncontrollable pandemic comes our way. #HonestBrokering #StopgapMeasures

I like hearing a coming together story ‘buying-time’ is what the Senator calls it. Congress can function when it needs to…and all the rest of it is posturing, power plays and politics.

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