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Day 1169

1/ An Israeli airstrike killed seven aid workers, leading to the World Central Kitchen charity suspending delivery of 240 tons of food to Gaza, where famine is imminent. The U.S.-based disaster relief nonprofit group said its team was traveling through a demilitarized zone in two armored cars and a third vehicle that were clearly marked with the World Central Kitchen logos when the convoy was hit three times in succession by missiles fired from a drone until the aid workers were all killed. The organization had coordinated its movements with the IDF. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted that an “unintentional” Israeli airstrike killed “innocent people” in Gaza, adding: “This happens in war.” The White House, meanwhile, said it was “outraged” and that the attack was “emblematic of a larger problem.” World Central Kitchen had served 42 million meals in the 175 days it operated in Gaza. More than 200 aid workers have been killed in the six months of fighting. (New York Times / Axios / Associated Press / Politico / NPR / Washington Post / CNN / NBC News / CNBC / Wall Street Journal)

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