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1/ Trump attacked the World Health Organization and threatened to withhold funding because of its handling of the coronavirus outbreak and its criticisms of his own policies. Trump, seeking to blame the WHO for the same missteps and failures his administration made, accused the group of having “called it wrong […] every aspect of it wrong” and being “China-centric.” After saying that the U.S. would “put a hold on money spent to the WHO – We’re going to put a very powerful hold on it,” Trump later denied that he had made those remarks, saying “I’m not saying that I’m going to do it […] I said we’re going to look at it.” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus responded, saying: “If you want to be exploited and if you want to have many more body bags, then you [politicize the virus]. If you don’t want many more body bags, then you refrain from politicizing it.” (New York Times / The Guardian / NPR / CNBC)

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I don’t believe this will happen, here in Seattle the school facilities are now closed until mid-June, my child’s high school has moved totally online starting Monday. I believe it’ll be safe when schools return to normal.

What do you guys think?


A-fucking-men, co-signed. And @Pet_Proletariat I agree about the schools thing too. The school I work at (they do tourist educational wildlife tours etc as well as regular k-12 ed) has suspended all programming until mid-Aug and all classes are fully online.

Granted, the school part could return to physical classrooms before then if the head of school decided it’s safe, but as far as us pulling in revenue from the tourists and returning to “normal,” we’re not expecting that anytime soon and I think that is wise.

My pessimistic guess is 45 and/or short-sighted governors try to reopen everything at the slightest indication (or maybe they won’t even wait for that since some govs haven’t issued a shelter in place decree in the first place) that the virus is on the decline and it all just comes back with a vengeance.

If dr Fauci manages to hold on to his position we’ll probably be able to hang on by our fingernails thru the storm, but if he gets tossed…welp. I genuinely have no feel for how secure he is, he seems relatively safe but we all know how mercurial 45 is.

I … guess I don’t have an optimistic guess? :joy_cat: :woozy_face:
Whatever ends up happening, I am grateful for the WTF-fam so you f*ers better take care of yourselves!


Coronavirus among minorities:

Health professionals warn of ‘explosion’ of coronavirus cases in minority communities

Covid-19 is hitting black and brown communities especially hard. But many states aren’t releasing or collecting the data to help fight back.

Early Data Shows African Americans Have Contracted and Died of Coronavirus at an Alarming Rate

Why the government needs to start releasing data on the race of COVID-19 patients.

Why so many minorities have co-morbidities that are making the coronavirus pandemic worse (a thread):



Yup. That what the Atlantic was saying last week, that’s why I don’t believe they can reopen by next month. Governor Inslee wouldn’t have extended the school closures if he thought this would be wrapped up by May. It’s truly perplexing the ideas coming out of this White House. :woman_shrugging:t2:


:thinking: That article is from February, take note but know that information has changed rapidly since then.


Really? So, in affect, what’s really changed?

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Well, for instance the news reports out of South Korea of the virus reactivating after one has recovered. I’m not a doctor but that’s got to be bad news for the medical science community. These people should have antibodies to protect them but they still test positive.


Thanks for that, and agreed, that IS new. And, if the bit about the potential for false test results has any truth to it, that would open up an even BIGGER can of worms. Imagine people testing positive who weren’t.


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Ya know, I WAS thinking that it was going to be the development of a vaccine that was going to bring this whole COVID-19 thing to a close (in about 12 to 18 months) but this article in the Atlantic was pretty interesting. The premise is that, what makes this virus so unique is that, percentage-wise, it’s really not that deadly; but, since many carriers show little or no symptoms and it’s so easily transmittable, by the time a vaccine is developed, it’d be pretty much pointless.

A Vaccine Won’t Stop the New Coronavirus - The Atlantic

Instead of a vaccine, a COVID-19 Antibody test might be more important; meaning one’s already had it, and it’s already run its course.


I believe whatever Fauci says and other scientific experts. I don’t believe it will be ‘back to school’ in the Fall either, but it depends on so many things.

Barring that a vaccine will be available by some huge miracle…

  1. entire US population needs to have anti-body testing (the serum) which will prove how many could be potentially immune from the virus. These science people are all stating that we need to have a 6th-9th-12th month out plan. Who’s got the vision on this? Knowing that there can be a resurgence at any time

T only sees November’s election getting the good economy & Coronavirus end as his determinates.

  1. that we’ve maximized the social distancing to a degree that we avoid a surge in the fall…or sometime later.

  2. my guess might be that in 6 months…we could have a some semblence of normalcy, like Wuhan is doing now after 4 months of being held in.


I really can’t see things approaching any semblance of normalcy until after a (real, properly tested and approved) vaccine is developed. Until than, one would have to essentially consider everybody as being contagious. Twelve to eighteen months.

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