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🌍 Global: Total confirmed cases ~2,790,000; Total deaths: ~196,000; Total recoveries: ~781,000. (Johns Hopkins University)

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Trump plans to cut daily coronavirus briefings

Another source close to the deliberations said there simply isn’t enough new material to justify Trump appearing before the press every day. “I mean, you wonder how we got to the point where you’re talking about injecting disinfectant?” the source wondered aloud.

  • These conversations were underway before Trump suggested that researchers investigate whether doctors could cure coronavirus by injecting people with disinfectant. But a source said it finally seems to have dawned on Trump, after this incident, that these briefings aren’t helping him. The CDC and other public health officials responded obliquely to the comment by telling people not to drink bleach.

Watch :point_down: This is the moment in question.

More here :point_down:

Full “briefing” :point_down:

Please do not ingest, inject or misuse disinfectants. They are poison. Always follow the directions on the label. :vulcan_salute:

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Trump’s statement Internal UV light not so stupid after all as it currently exists. Maybe not to treat corona virus at this time. This just show just how uninformed our media actually is.

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You do realize that the link you posted is just to an application for patent. Anyone can submit a patent application, it does not mean the science works or has been used to treat anything. Until it’s FDA approved it’s not applicable to Coronavirus.

Read this from International UV Association,

We would like to inform the public that there are no protocols to advise or to permit the safe use of UV light directly on the human body at the wavelengths and exposures proven to efficiently kill viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. UV light under the conditions known to kill such viruses are also known to cause severe skin burns, skin cancer, and eye damage. We strongly recommend that anyone using UV light to disinfect medical equipment, surfaces, or air in the context of COVID-19, applications that are supported by sound scientific evidence, follow all recommended health and safety precautions and to avoid direct exposure of the body to the UV light.