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Day 1195

🌍 Global: Total confirmed cases ~3,095,000; Total deaths: ~216,000; Total recoveries: ~920,000. (Johns Hopkins University)

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How you all doing? I want hear about the best and worst of this week in quarantine.

Best was the dinner I made tonight, balsamic, rosemary chicken with three cheese tortellini in a brown butter parmesan sauce. Worst was taking the dog to the vet for stitches. Poor puppy, he looks so sad in his neck donut.

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I have ALL the allergies right now and my wife is an essential worker, so we’re living in fear, but our county is still only in single digit confirmed cases and one death, so that’s something. Also, I taught myself to use a new graphics program and file type.


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The best part is the weather finally improved enough to enjoy being outside. I want to go buy plants! (I’ll make do with seeds for now.)

The bad part, my 93 year old mother found out she was allowed outside of her assisted living place & badgered me into coming to see her. My allergies make me cough, so I wasn’t comfortable & Mom can’t hear me if I wear a mask. So I travelled across town for a 20 minute visit. (I haven’t been able to visit since the week before her March 15th birthday. She thought it had been even longer)