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Day 1205

🌍 Global: Total confirmed cases ~3,911,000; Total deaths: ~273,000; Total recoveries: ~1,306,000. (Johns Hopkins University)

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I’m hoping someone here can explain a puzzling dynamic to me. I’ve noticed that Trump Supporters have an interestingly common pattern of defending him, never by actually defending him, but by instead attacking the questioner, or Biden, or even Obama. It’s to the point where if it’s a a stranger on some social media, it’s hard to differentiate a ‘legitimate’ Trump Supporter from a Russian Troll Farm worker.

If Biden has an accuser, that’s a TERRIBLE thing; so, the obvious solution is to vote for a guy with twenty-five accusers, who brags about grabbing women’s genitals, cheated on his wife with a porn star while she was giving birth to his son, and later paid hush money to said porn star, doesn’t believe in science, and has over 17,000 documented lies on record?

I mean…a few nutjobs, I could understand, but we’re talking about around 40% of our voting public here.


Think that’s what it is? My old college roommate’s one of them, and he’s Chinese.


Oh it’s definitely plain old fascism. It’s that old American fascism that’s existed since the beginning. Our parties are so polarized, extremism has become rationalized by the Trumpists.

It is strange though, the cult of personality of the followers. You are correct, they deflect and justify any criticism, I’ve been a moderator on here since the community began in ‘17 and I have yet to find a counter that works effectively on them. They don’t care that it doesn’t make sense. They don’t care about the facts. They just don’t like to be challenged.

The only thing that gets them to stop trolling is to laugh at them. Yup. Laughing.


Well, yeah, you make a very good point. That polarization keeps getting more and more so, so we’re supposed to be either all the way over THERE…or all the way over HERE…with a HUGE gap in the middle.

Thing is, this really stopped being a Democrat/Republican thing some time ago, but many don’t seem to acknowledge that. It’s about a nut job who doesn’t believe in facts or science, doesn’t care about the effects of what he says. and couldn’t tell the truth to save his life. Could you imagine the founder of Reaganomics, even with all the issues that’s created for us, blatantly lying all the time? I can’t imagine THAT would’ve gone over very well back then. And now, even Dubya’s trying to make a call for unity.

Meanwhile, there was some recent news (you know, some REAL news) that by 2070, just fifty years from now, billions of people will be subjected to nearly unlivable heat. Now, I’ll very likely be long gone by then, but…too bad we’re not globally trying to figure out what to do about that to ensure our continued existence, instead of arguing about conspiracy theories about who’s responsible for the Coronavirus.

I can see some day, when interplanetary travel’s a reality, Earth will be a subject in other planets’ history books about what happens when one doesn’t take care of ones home.


Ain’t that the truth! shakes head sadly


gentle reminder…



Yeah, thanks, I understand.


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Ya know, after trying to explore this thing from a bunch of different angles and sources, it always seems to come back to exactly what you’re saying here. Pretty sad, isn’t it, that after all these years it’s still coming back to this?

Word is, at our current level of environmental degradation, by 2070, billions of people will be living in…or TRYING to be living in…places too hot for human habitation. That’s just fifty years from now. But what are we arguing about? What color the wall for keeping Mexicans out should be.


Trump spent all day blasting out conspiracy theories and lies about Obama and Clinton, getting Obamagate trending. They don’t care what he does, so long as he hurts and attacks the people they hate. Some believe everything he says, but others actually celebrate when he lies, because he’s lying to and about people they hate.


The reality of white supremacy in America we white folks have pretended wasn’t really there for extremely too long now.


Does ANYBODY see any similarities between this, and Adolf Hitler with Nazi Germany? That’s what Hitler did, he just kept bombarding his crazy-ass ideas to is people until they started getting numb to it and started following him. Such weak-minded people.