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🌍 Global: Total confirmed cases ~4,783,000; Total deaths: ~318,000; Total recoveries: ~1,777,000. (Johns Hopkins University)

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“Trump claimed that he’s taking hydroxychloroquine “right now” and that he started taking it “a couple of weeks ago” despite the fact he continues to test negative for the coronavirus”

So, based on our (so-called) president’s history, there’s about a 50:1 chance he’s lying.
Well, based on hydroxychloroquine’s association with causing death and the way he reacted when he found out that someone in his office had tested postive, I’d say more like a 100% chance he’s lying.

“Trump fired the State Department inspector general, who had opened an investigation into Secretary of State Mike Pompeo”

And WHY is this kind of behavior NOT illegal? (Never mind, I apologize, I know…;Dotard Donnie is ABOVE the law.

“cellphone location data suggests that demonstrators at anti-lockdown protests may have spread coronavirus hundreds of miles.”

America, the Beautiful, Home of the Free, and Land of the Brave. :pensive:


Song of the day :notes:


Just imagine this “Stay @ Home” experience WITHOUT music!!??


The Washington Post: Supreme Court for now stops House Democrats from seeing secret Mueller material

The Supreme Court on Wednesday stopped House Democrats for now from seeing secret grand jury material from former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s investigation into the Trump administration and Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election.

The court, without noted dissent, agreed with a request from the Department of Justice to put on hold a lower court decision granting the House Judiciary Committee some previously undisclosed material from Mueller’s investigation.

Solicitor General Noel Francisco told the Supreme Court it should withhold the sensitive information until it could review for itself significant separation of powers issues raised in the case. Despite the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, Congress has no immediate need for the information, Francisco wrote in a brief to the court.

The House already has impeached the president, the Senate already has acquitted him, and neither [the committee] nor the House has provided any indication that a second impeachment is imminent,” Francisco wrote.

House General Counsel Douglas N. Letter had told the court that the withheld material “remains central to the committee’s ongoing investigation into the president’s conduct,” adding that the committee’s probe “did not cease with the conclusion of the impeachment trial.

The House went to court in July before the formal start of its impeachment proceedings involving President Trump’s alleged effort to pressure Ukraine to investigate former vice president Joe Biden, now the presumptive Democratic nominee to challenge Trump in November. A divided D.C. Circuit found that the House was legally engaged in a judicial process that exempts Congress from secrecy rules that typically shield grand jury materials from disclosure.

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