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🌍 Global: Total confirmed cases ~5,648,000; Total deaths: ~353,000; Total recoveries: ~2,325,000. (Johns Hopkins University)

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Ok…here come’s T’s big move…and Executive Order about something on social media.

The man has no shame…none.

Looks like it will be signed tomorrow.


More conspiracists headed to plum roles as Official Representatives - this time Bermuda

President Donald Trump’s failed nominee to be ambassador to Barbados, who previously spread fringe conspiracy theories and unfounded attacks about Trump’s political opponents, has now been tapped for the role of “principal officer” at the US Consulate General in Bermuda, a job that does not require Senate confirmation.

The US State Department announced Wednesday that Lee Rizzuto will serve as the next principal officer at the US Consulate General in Hamilton, Bermuda, after his nomination for the ambassador post in Barbados was returned in January of this year and he was not renominated by the White House.



The President doesn’t want to be labeled misinformation on Twitter, so you know, executive order. :prince:

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The Little Law That Made the Internet a Free for All


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