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Day 1225

1/ The judge presiding over Trump’s classified documents case denied a request from federal prosecutors to block Trump from making false claims that FBI agents were prepared to kill him during the search of Mar-a-Lago for classified documents in 2022. Special counsel Jack Smith had asked Judge Aileen Cannon to limit Trump’s ability to comment on law enforcement that searched Mar-a-Lago, calling Trump’s statements “intentionally false and inflammatory” and said they could “expose those agents, some of whom will be witnesses at trial, to the risk of threats, violence, and harassment.” Cannon, however, denied Smith’s request, calling the request “wholly lacking in substance and professional courtesy.” Cannon accused prosecutors of not discussing with Trump’s lawyers before making their request for a potential gag order after Trump baselessly claimed that FBI agents were “authorized to shoot” him while executing a court-authorized search warrant at Mar-a-Lago “Because the filing of the Special Counsel’s Motion did not adhere to these basic requirements, it is due to be denied without prejudice,” adding, “it should go without saying that meaningful conferral is not a perfunctory exercise.” (Politico / CNN / Axios / USA Today / CBS News / Associated Press / Washington Post / New York Times / NBC News)

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