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Global: Total confirmed cases: ~8,140,000; deaths: ~441,000; recoveries: ~3,934,000. (Johns Hopkins University)

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It’s the economy, stupid

“Two top officials at Voice of America resigned as Trump appointee prepares to take control of the network and other U.S. federally-funded media operations.”

“NOAA’s acting administrator “engaged in the misconduct intentionally, knowingly, or in reckless disregard” for the agency’s scientific integrity policy”

Calling independent sources “Fake News,” taking control of the USA’s voice to the rest of the world, and NOAA disregarding their “scientific integrity policy”

The world HAS seen this kind of behavior before, and it didn’t end well. Why aren’t MORE people terrified and outraged? Ignorance? Lack of intelligence? Total apathy? Probably a blend of all of the above. Have I missed anything?

We’re going BACKWARD in time, instead of moving forward.

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