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Day 1257

Global: Total confirmed cases: ~10,200,000; deaths: ~503,000

U.S.: Total confirmed cases: ~2,565,000; deaths: ~126,000

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There’s more to this, read from NBC News.

The video remained on the president’s Twitter page, where he has 82 million followers, for more than three hours because White House officials couldn’t reach him to ask him to delete it, the two officials said. The president was at his golf club in Virginia and had put his phone down, the officials said.

Aides also tried unsuccessfully to reach deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino to ask him to delete the retweet, officials said.

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., added to the urgency when he called the tweet “indefensible” and demanded that the president take it down during an interview on CNN, the officials said.

Once officials were able to reach the president, he agreed to delete it, they said.



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